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Weekly LOL: Simone Giertz rigs an alarm clock to slap you

We all hate getting up in the morning, and over the years, companies have created alarm clocks that will hide, fly away from you or make you answer a problem.

The latest attempt at making sure the alarm goes off comes from YouTuber Simone Giertz, who previously made the “Breakfast Machine” and “Shitty Toothbrush Machine.” This time around, she created the “Wake-Up Machine” with a Halloween prop hand, an alarm clock, a circuit board and a motor. Mashable calls the alarm clock “nightmarish” and it’ll quickly become apparent why.

To start the project, Giertz found picking apart an alarm clock wasn’t easy, but she eventually realized the clock’s alarm triggers a switch, so she grounded the wire and read the signal with an Arduino Uno circuit board. The Uno controls a relay that connects to a motor, to which Giertz attached the prop hand with duct tape. The hand originally looked bloody and severed, but she cleaned it up because, as she says in the video, “I thought having something slap you in the face to wake you up is terrifying enough.”

Then it becomes time to watch the machine in action. Her first two attempts go relatively smoothly, if you call being repeatedly slapped in the face “things going smoothly.” On the third test, however, Giertz’s long hair gets caught in the motor with hilarious, if painful-looking, results.

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