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TopFinds: Cheney’s Canadian crisis, postal offices begin closing

As we do every week on Friday, we’ve collected the top stories (as voted by you) and compiled them on one page. Our writers covered post offices slated to close, a proposal to build a fence between the U.S. and Canada, a viral video of wrestling bears and many other stories.

We also highlight some of major topics Digital Journalists have been covering recently. Note you can see the trending topics at the top of any page on, under the category bar. They are changing constantly to reflect what people are reading on the site.

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Top Digital Journal Reports

Quaint community post office in Johnson, Ark. to close Oct. 22 (Includes first-hand account) by Kay Mathews

The official notice was posted on September 19 and highlighted in pink are the words “Actual discontinuance date: 10/22/2011” meaning the Johnson, Arkansas Post Office, open since 1992, will cease to exist in less than a month from now.

London, Ontario, police use stun gun on teen (Includes interview) by Ken Wightman

City police in London, Ontario, used a Taser on a teenage boy involved in a street brawl Thursday. It is being reported that the boy may have been struck in the face by the prongs of the powerful stun gun.

Canadian Tamils weigh in on this year’s Ontario General Election (Includes interview) by Andrew Moran

Canadian Tamils in the province of Ontario have been quite involved in the political process both at home and abroad. Tamils in Ontario have taken their voice to Queen’s Park on many occasions. Now they weigh in on the provincial election.

Toronto rally takes place at City Hall to protest service cuts (Includes interview) by KJ Mullins

Tonight in Toronto residents gathered at City Hall to rally against budget cuts that could see some city services become a thing of the past.

Walk for Somalia Heroes Receive Rock Star Treatment in Ottawa (Includes interview) by Farid Abdulhamid

The heroic Canadian youth who trekked from Toronto to Ottawa covering 400 kilometers in eight days through 20 cities and towns received a celebrity treatment upon arrival in Ottawa where they completed their walk on Monday evening at the Bayshore Park.

Top Images

CDs  vinyls  books and posters on display and for sale at Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver.

CDs, vinyls, books and posters on display and for sale at Croatian Cultural Centre in Vancouver.

Humboldt penguins - Penguins are monogamous  very affectionate and can recognize the odour of their ...

Humboldt penguins – Penguins are monogamous, very affectionate and can recognize the odour of their partner.

Cougar at the park.

Cougar at the park.

An unidentified woman paints her message on one of three canvases put up at Yonge-Dundas Square on S...

An unidentified woman paints her message on one of three canvases put up at Yonge-Dundas Square on Sunday.

In the Media

U.S. proposes fence along its border with Canada by Nancy Houser

The U.S. is looking at fencing the border with Canada to help keep out terrorists and criminals, with the U.S. Government Accountability Office warning that a very small portion of the Canadian border is secure.

Two-faced cat sets longevity record in Guinness Book of Records by Leigh Goessl

Frank ‘n Louie is a cat that has just set the world record for being the longest living cat with two faces. The feline, which has two noses, three eyes and two mouths, one brain and one stomach, has just celebrated turning 12 years old.

Video: Surfers at Venice Beach rescue baby great white shark by Jane Fazackarley

A group of visitors to Venice Beach, California were greeted with an unexpected sight when they spotted a baby great white shark wash up close to the beach in need of rescue.

Sunspot 1302 unleashed towards Earth, detected on shortwave radio by Andrew Moran

Scientists are monitoring a sunspot that produced an X1.9-category solar storm that was unleashed over the weekend and could be headed towards Earth. Sunspot 1302 is so strong that it has been detected shortwave radio on this planet.

Bear cubs caught on video wrestling in the road at Yosemite National Park.

Bear cubs caught on video wrestling in the road at Yosemite National Park.

Video: Wrestling bear cubs stop traffic at Yosemite National Park by Kim I. Hartman

A video of a pair of adorable bear cubs who delighted visitors at Yosemite National Park, where they were filmed wrestling in the middle of the road, has gone viral receiving hundreds of thousands of views in just a few days.

Canadian MP calls for barring Cheney by Ken Wightman

Don Davies, an NDP MP from British Columbia, has publicly declared that former United States Vice-President Dick Cheney should be barred from entering Canada.

Pepper-spraying NYPD officer at Wall Street protests identified by Lynn Herrmann

The New York City Police Department officer who walked up to a group of penned protesters Saturday at the Occupy Wall Street protests and fired mace in their faces has been identified and online complaints have already begun.

Saturday Night Live kicks off its 2011 season with GOP debate by Michael Krebs

NBC’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ kicked off its 2011 season last night with an examination of the GOP presidential debate, featuring a who’s who among Republican presidential hopefuls.

Ron Paul to appear on Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ tonight by Michael Krebs

Making his first appearance on Comedy Central’s ‘The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’ since declaring his 2012 presidential candidacy, Congressman Ron Paul, having thanked Mr. Stewart for “the help,” will return as a guest tonight.

Ron Paul  a GOP presidential candidate

Ron Paul, a GOP presidential candidate
Gage Skidmore

Gay soldier booed at Florida GOP debate on ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ by Joan Firstenberg

A homosexual soldier, Stephen Hill who delivered a question about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell on video to the GOP presidential debate panel in Orlando Thursday night was greeted by boos and jeers, and no response from the candidates.

China detained journalist who exposed sex slaves in basement by Katerina Nikolas

The journalist who exposed the shocking story of six sex slaves kept in a Lyoyang basement in China’s Henan Province, was detained by police. Authorities did not want the story, which included two murders, tarnishing the town’s image.

Op-Ed: If no Manny Pacquiao, who will Floyd Mayweather Jr fight next? by Leo Reyes

After more than two years of failed fight negotiations between the camps of Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao, boxing fans are becoming more and more resigned to the idea that the fight every boxing fan wants to see won’t happen after all.

Top Blogs

SkyTrain ride on Millenium Line, Vancouver – Coquitlam by Joseph Boltrukiewicz

Part of Vancouver’s transportation system is the SkyTrain, fast railway line that runs above the lines of the streets….

SkyTrain ride on Millenium Line from Vancouver to Coquitlam.

SkyTrain ride on Millenium Line from Vancouver to Coquitlam.

What’s for dinner? by Cynthia Trowbridge

Freezer Order I have my own system for labeling homemade freezer meals. Forget calling them “Veal Parmigiana” or…

LaHave Island Harbour, Nova Scotia by Sara Star

Green Bay and Crescent Beach are located just past where the LaHave River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The river bisects…

Power Users

  1. KJ Mullins
  2. Andrew Moran
  3. Lynn Herrmann
  4. Alexander Baron
  5. Katerina Nikolas
  6. Igor I. Solar
  7. Lynn Curwin
  8. Joseph Boltrukiewicz
  9. Kay Mathews
  10. Michael Krebs
  11. Nancy Houser
  12. Kev Hedges
  13. Elizabeth Cunningham Perkins
  14. Jonathan Farrell
  15. Cynthia Trowbridge
  16. Gemma Fox
  17. Paul Wallis
  18. Carolyn E. Price
  19. Christopher Szabo
  20. Sara Star
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