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Tilofy brings the power of location based browsing

After all, you can look up almost any term on Google right now and receive hundreds or even thousands of results, and this gets overwhelming in certain circumstances. For example, if you want to stick with information about news or businesses that are closer to home, it may be hard to get optimal results due to SEO issues. This is especially prevalent when Internet users are uncertain which search string to utilize in order to find something specific. However, these issues could be easily resolved if the search engine in question was tailored toward location based browsing.

News, Events and Culture on a Local Level

Google Maps offers users a workable method for looking at nearby businesses, but it does not include every location. Additionally, this location based browsing option does not feature current news and cultural events such as concerts. In the past, you would have needed to do a very specific search or look through several localized websites to get this type of information.

Again, this can be quite frustrating for Internet users, and it causes most people to give up before they find exactly what they are looking for. Fortunately, there is a new trend toward location based browsing, and this should help bridge the gap between a standard search engine and local entertainment calendars.

Tilofy: Target Markets and Enhanced Search Features

One of the latest methods for getting local information is the Tilofy search engine and app. This particular location based browsing service has a unique approach that enables users to sort the results of a localized news feed by four different categories: Arts & Culture, Food, Entertainment and Sports. Additionally, the news feed can be toggled to focus on editor’s picks or upcoming events.

At the current time, Tilofy is only focused on four target markets, but it seems likely that an expansion will take place in the near future. Currently, users in New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco can harness the power of this alternate search and browsing option, and the results include a diverse mixture of content.

How Does Location Based Browsing Showcase Events?

If you live in New York City and you are interested in trying out a new restaurant and then attending a local concert, you could load up these two categories in Tilofy and browse through the most relevant results. Each new restaurant opening is listed by date, and you can also look at upcoming events that are going to be hosted by bars, clubs and restaurants.

Additionally, concerts that range from small clubs to large venues are listed by date, so you can easily find something to do every night with the assistance of only one website or app. Once you see something that you are interested in, you simply click on the image that pops up in Tilofy to get redirected to the appropriate website that contains more information.

There has been a bigger emphasis placed on location based browsing during the past couple of years because it is becoming clear that this is highly beneficial for Internet users. The Firefox browser includes location-aware browsing, and personal smartphone assistants such as Siri use your location to look for answers to questions about local businesses.

However, Tilofy definitely takes this a step further by offering a news feed that is filled with events listed in date order that are happening in a specific area. In other words, this particular location based browsing system has the ability to enhance your daily life with new experiences instead of merely telling you the address of

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