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Taste Maker Sourabh Sharma is Leading the Pack in Marketing Innovation and Culture

We call them visionaries, the elite group who set the pace of human progress. Sourabh Sharma, without a doubt, belongs to this select group.

Sourabh Sharma
Sourabh Sharma. Photo courtesy Thomas Herd
Sourabh Sharma. Photo courtesy Thomas Herd

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There are free spirits capable of breaking away from the routine. We read about them but rarely have the privilege of knowing them personally. Such individuals possess the power to influence other people and see far ahead.

We call them visionaries, the elite group who set the pace of human progress. Sourabh Sharma, without a doubt, belongs to this select group. He is constantly evolving and finds himself on the move throughout the year from corporate conferences in Southern California to fashion weeks in Milan, and everything in between. The rolling stone gathers no moss.

Born in Tanzania, Sourabh spent most of the time traveling the world with his family from a very young age. Extensive travel and elite education contributed to the molding of a free spirit and a curious mind.  The University of Pennsylvania, the Wharton Business School, and the Rotterdam School of Management in the Netherlands, to boot, turned him into an unconventional thinker and a cosmopolitan.

Blessed with a gift for languages and being part of different linguistic and cultural settings both inside his family and during world travel, Sourabh speaks English, French, Swahili, Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Italian, and Dutch. Polyglots are a special breed because they possess the higher-than-average capability to absorb information and unconventional analytical skills.

On top of that, he is a natural observer. “Observe everyone and everything, it will always add to your passive progress in life,” he remarks. “And above all, observe yourself. Ideally objectively from time to time, almost in third person.” This trait enables him to be in sync with the pulse of people in an ever-changing world and as he states himself, makes him “ comprehensive as a marketer, intuitive as a person, and passionate as a human.” A multifaceted individual, observant, brilliantly educated, and well-traveled gentleman, Sourabh is the epitome of a modern-day philosopher-turned-businessman. All his business ventures attest to his extraordinary abilities and have been cultivated in areas of his core passions: fashion, food, and marketing.

Driven by his passion for fashion and being a real road warrior, Sourabh is often seen as l’invite d’honneur at various fashion shows and events worldwide, such as Bazaar Icons New York, Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, Sundance Film Festival, and Fashion Weeks in New York, Milan, Paris, and London. Print All Over Me, a print-on-demand apparel brand, where as part of the founding team, he has collaborated with numerous creative artists. The apparel has been featured in L’Officiel, VogueGayletterOut Magazine, and more. What makes it collectively a breakthrough? It enables the artist community to convert their art into apparel, while Sourabh experiments with cuts and silhouettes and his business prowess to grow the business. He continues to draw inspiration from his observations at fashion weeks to further venture into personal passions of jewelry design and the world of intricate embellishments. A foray into the niche fragrance world with his work as creative director with Histoires de Parfums has been instrumental in bringing his experiences in business, fashion and beauty to a unique, challenging and fascinating world of perfumery. 

On a core business side, FIG or out, a digital marketing company and in tune with its name, the platform is a universal digital marketing tool that offers services ranging from social media and influencer marketing to content creation and brand strategy. As a go-to digital hub, it essentially has all the digital marketing needs figured out, from LA and NYC.

The company fine-tunes its services to west-coast businesses’ specific needs, including beauty brands and superfood startups and east-coast fintech, apparel, and makeup brands. With Sourabh’s ability to adapt to change in line with his tagline “evolve or become extinct,” the company’s business did not suffer during the pandemic; on the contrary, it adapted and evolved.

With the natural ability to observe and analyze and the inherent joie de vivre, Sourabh deeply understands Gen Z and millennials’ behavioral trends, and the difference with their baby-boomer parents and counterparts.  This understanding is demonstrated in public presentations and whitepapers on the subject.

Since one cannot predict where the future will take Sourabh driven by his inquisitive mind,  follow him on Instagram and his site 3FS Lifestyle. “If the plan doesn’t work, we change the plan, not the goal,” he concludes.  Post pandemic, you may find him at fashion weeks in Milan and Paris, or at a new luxury hotel and fashion storefront opening galas, expertly musing over an ever-evolving world, and determined to bring about a change.

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I am the Founder and CEO of one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies globally, T1 Advertising (, Forbes Magazine Digital Marketing Columnist and Business Council Member (, and a shareholder in the magazine of L’Officiel USA Magazine (

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