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Op-Ed: 65 per cent of women harassed online by organized ‘terror’ groups

Instagram has increased anti-harassment measures
Instagram has increased anti-harassment measures

In a world where every subject is an excuse for self-righteous fanaticism, nobody needs to be too surprised. If this is what’s happening in a relatively laid-back country like Australia, it’s truly a canary in the coal mine on a global scale. Yes, this is yet another polarizing nutcase ideology/masturbation exercise. It just happens to be insane.
(I’ve been meaning to ask; polarization was popular in colleges in the 1970s for about 5 minutes before everyone got bored with it. What, you can’t think of anything else to do? What a surprise.)
The harassment statistics and their ramifications are bad enough. Exactly how many people are doing the harassing isn’t clear, but that’s a lot of people to be getting harassed. The overall view is that this is “terrorism by other means”. That’s no misnomer. The traumatic effects can be seen in the endless reports and suicides.
This is hate speech, and there’s obviously a lot of it. This is the state of humanity at the moment. Tonnages of utter garbage sold to you as your personalized excuse to be a jerk. It’s just another group of people to hate, right? You whimsical little bastards, you.
This comes on top of that other long-running misogynist bargain bin special, “rape culture”, which is designed for closet-dwellers who listen to a lot of rap. Can’t be a big bad naughty gangsta unless you pick on some little girl, y’know. (Who’re the skanks, again?)
Groan, again… The guy view
Other guys, at least those of us with lives who don’t think living in a sort of self-made pigsty is cool, don’t see it that way. Hanging around with women-haters is for total losers.
Not that we could care less. Give someone heat, you get heat, and you will get it every time on this subject. Those of us who have mothers, girlfriends, wives, sisters and female friends are also far less tolerant. This kind of heroic online crap doesn’t cut it at all. Harassing females when their male friends are around is also historically often fatal. It’s not a safe bet, ever.
The overall response to women-haters is the ancient male two word advice: “GROW UP”. Nobody gives a damn about your overcompensating for being a loser. It’s all somebody else’s fault, right? Women must be the problem, right?
Wrong. You’re the problem, and you don’t have the guts, or honesty, to admit it, even to yourself. Life doesn’t work that way. You’re totally failing to manage one of life’s unavoidable realities. If you want to be a ridiculous old whining bastard 50 years from now, that’s definitely how to do it. Learn that right now, you infantile morons. Yeah, that’s right, you actually have to do something for yourself. Tough, eh?
What are guys anymore?
On a more serious note – This is part of the generational male image crisis which is never reported. Plummeting academic records aren’t exactly encouraging. Even basic literacy is abysmal.
This harassment situation is where that negligence comes back to bite – Brainwashing the miserably educated is easy. Any ignoramus can be persuaded of anything. So if someone wants to start a hate club, it’s simple. Find a few suckers who can be convinced of hating someone else.
I’m not going to say, “guys are ignored in schools”. That’s too easy by far. Let’s give bone laziness and lousy role models some credit for what they’ve achieved. A herd of useless celebrities, mindless politicians, all fake 2D people at best, are the role models. No wonder these younger guys are turning into nuts.
These “guys” have never done a damn thing in their lives, and they’re the role models? Yeah? Are you the Wolf of Wall Street? You’re expected to be, 50 shades of blasé, in fact. The unrealistic male images are as absurd, and dangerous, as their equally annoying female equivalents.
This is where the you hit the fan, hard. If you try hard enough, you can be some vacuum-brained nobody pretending to be a somebody. That’s what you’re supposed to be as a guy, right? Everything’s about you. It must be. Someone told you so. You couldn’t find a sunny day on a bet, but you’re really something, even if you have no idea what or why.
This formulaic image, the mainstream tourist brochure for who you think you’re supposed to be, is one of the great enablers of the ever-less-hygienic “male” culture. You’re this hero, so you must be superior, so you have a right to take it out on someone, like women. So if someone tell you to attack or harass women, you do, you dear little incredibly boring sheep, you.
Media does have a lot to do with this. Nobody, it seems, has rational relationships anymore. All families must be dysfunctional. A sitcom is about sex, or more usually the lack of it. Sound familiar? It should. You see almost literally nothing else.
A man and a woman can’t have a real happy relationship. Nobody seems to know why they should. This is entirely because the hacks in Hollywood and whatever trash can writes streams can’t sell it. So you get young guys growing up thinking they’re on a soundstage, and they act, and overact, accordingly. These wannabe drama queen guys are the product. Of course you’re a fanatic; you too damn dumb to be anything else.
So this hopelessly underequipped young male goes out into the world, clueless as usual. Result, stupidity.
There are other issues:
Declining sperm count. The Hormones R Us fools in the food sector have probably scrambled everything, including testosterone balances. By 2045, according to some reports, the young guys will be out of the spectrum as future fathers. It’s that bad and getting worse.
Hormonal imbalances also cause:
• Depression
• Massive mood instability (Imbalances are as good as meth for that.)
• Defocusing – Vulnerable to suggestion, uncritical, and can’t think straight.
• Multiple other issues affecting gender caused by “Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals“. Nasty, indeed.
• Toxic social environment which causes massive friction, stress, and stupid behaviors.
Need a map of the issues? You shouldn’t. Couldn’t be more obvious.
Just one more thing – It’s time the male problems got addressed. It’s a strange fact that problems don’t wait on line to be solved. They come in waves, and the waves get bigger the less you do about them. This is another big problem, and it must be fixed, soon. If not, harassment could get much nastier.
Don’t say you weren’t told, either; you’ve been told repeatedly. Instead of worshipping idiots and believing any crap any fool can be bothered telling you, fix this. To hell with social engineering – At this rate, you’ll have a war zone, not a society.

Written By

Editor-at-Large based in Sydney, Australia.

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