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Meet Hulk, probably the world’s largest pit bull at 174 lbs

According to Dark Dynasty K9’s (DDK9’s), although he has already grown to become the largest pit bull in the world, Hulk, at 17 months old, is still growing. The video shows the enormous dog sitting on a scale weighing in at 173.4 lbs, nearly 80kgs.

Take a look at the photo of the massive pooch standing next to his female handler to gain an idea of the massive proportions of this canine monster. Watch him stand on his hind legs to receive a tidbit from his handler. He towers easily above the young lady.

He looks so oversized, and his head so massive, that you’d think the image was photoshopped. But DDK9’s assures that the image was not digitally altered: Incredible as it sounds, the video shows Hulk as he looks in real life.

Hulk has shot to Internet stardom since the latest video of him was uploaded to the YouTube channel of Dark Dynasty K9’s on Feb 2. 2015. The video has amassed more than 1.6 million views.

Viewers are expressing amazement at the size of the dog. One viewer comments, “Wow are u sure that’s a dog? It looks like a small bear!”

Another says, “You could ride that beast into a battle.”

Some viewers expressed disapproval. One viewer writes, “You are just ruining dogs’ lives. He doesn’t deserve this, to use him to make money out of his pain!”

Other viewers questioned the firm’s claim that Hulk is a purebred pit bull, suggesting that the firm cross-bred a pit bull with a large mastiff breed to produce Hulk. Some suggested the animal was raised with artificial enhancements, such as steroids.

Brobible, for instance, comments, “It’s tough to fathom how a pitbull can get to that size without some sort of artificial enhancement (cough… cough… steroids… cough).”

Many viewers have expressed anxiety about the safety of the young lady who is dwarfed by the giant beast she handles. But Hulk’s owners say that despite the public image of pit bulls as fierce and temperamental dogs, they are calm and even-tempered when properly raised, and are even suitable as family pets.

DDK9’s has several videos showing Hulk and other massive pit bulls. Other videos show dogs of other breeds being trained by the firm as guard dogs.

The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) was bred to bait bulls and bears, and latter for dog-baiting. Ownership of the breed is restricted in some countries. An outright ban is imposed in the UK.

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