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How Has Changed Retirement for Millennials

Photo courtesy Thomas Herd /
Photo courtesy Thomas Herd /

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The thing is, older generations could rely on retirement plans like pensions and annuities. As for me and my fellow millennials? We’re not as fortunate as our parents’ generation has been — in the retirement department.

To be blunt, we’re in the thick of a retirement crisis that’s making us scared of retirement. Yes, we are somewhat afraid, mainly, because it might be impossible for us to retire at all. And, many of our parents were able to retire early — which is something 43% of us want to achieve and maybe even dream about it.

Yeah. It looks grime. And, COVID-19 certainly has helped matters. There is, however, a bright spot. And, it’s

Curious? Well, here’s a closer look at how has changed retirement for millennials for the better.

One size doesn’t fit all

Because we’re struggling financially, a lot of people have turned to financial gurus like Dave Ramsey. Millennials, in particular, have been flocking to them for advice on how to get out of debt. It’s definitely worked for some, but advice from these experts isn’t effective for most of us.

I have no qualms about seeking out financial advice. And, I think that Ramsey’s “baby steps” approach can get the ball rolling. The problem is that his advice can be outdated and simply can’t be applied

For example, we’re drawing in debt. Just student loan debt alone is somewhere between $18,217 to $31,000. If you’re barely meeting end’s meet, then how can you pay off this debt so that you can throw more towards your retirement?

The fact is, everyone’s financial situation is like a fingerprint in that it’s unique. As such, you need to take expert advice, especially from Boomers frowning down on you, with a grain of salt.

But, a better option would be to use a tool that is tailored fit just for you. And, the Due Annuity Calculator could just be the ticket.

It works like this;

  • Add the sum of all your payments
  • Add the interest received.
  • Divide this up among the months you’ll live.That gives you an idea of how much you need to save in order for you to reach your retirement goals. And, as long as you keep making monthly payments to your plan, you’re going to earn 3% interest.

    It eliminates retirement worrying and uncertainty

    There was a 2019 report that found that around half of Americans worry that they’ll outlive the money they’ve saved. Also, in the awesome, pre-Covid year of 2019, a survey of financial planners stated that a third of their clients fear that they’ll run out of money.

    For those closer to retiring, this is even direr. But, we do have a little bit more time on our side. And, we also Due.

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    The calculator is a great start. Again, it can help us save accordingly. But, what’s really clutch is that with a Due Annuity Plan, you know exactly how much you’re going to each month during your Golden Years.

    Can it get any sweeter? Yep. Due guarantees this fixed monthly percentage. And, they’ll take on all the risk as well.

    While there’s a lot of things that keep you up at night, the worry and uncertainty don’t have to be thanks to

    There are diverse plans for everyone

    Here’s the skinny about annuities. They come with some pretty sweet perks. Besides that guaranteed income that’s bound to give you some much-needed peace of mind, they’re also tax-deferred.

    But, to be real, annuities aren’t for everyone. For instance, if you haven’t addressed the following, which is in order, then an annuity isn’t worth pursuing.

  • Employer plan with matching.
  • Roth IRAs
  • Employer Plan
  • Traditional IRAThe folks over at Due are aware of this. In addition to annuities, Due also offers a fixed rate 401(k) that pays an interest rate of 3%. And, there’s also a custom pension program.Just like with an annuity, you’ll deposit money each month to this account. In return, you’ll get 3.5% on everything that you’ve deposited.

    Overall, whatever your retirement goals are, Due probably has a plan for you in one convenient location.

    It’s less painful than stepping on a Lego

    Have you ever stepped on a Lego? Those little pieces are jagged and hard. The resulting pain will leave you screaming obscenities for who knows how long.

    That’s the polar opposite if you use Due for your retirement planning. All you have to do is pay a visit. Next, enter your personal info and complete the enrollment. After that, select how much you want to deposit into your account.

    Seriously. That’s it. The whole process should take under 10-minutes.

    Now that you’re ready to roll, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your life. Once you retire, you’ll receive a deposit on either the first or fifteenth of the month — that’s your decision.

    No alarms and no surprises

    I can’t stress this enough. There’s no game, BS, or smoke ‘n’ mirrors with Due. And, since we millennials value transparency, we can get behind this.

    You know to the penny what needs to saved for your to live your best retirement money. And, that also means you’ll know what you’ll get each and every month when you stop working. That means you can easily create and stick to a budget when you retire. Nice.

    You can choose your own adventure

    Brush aside any tired and lazy misconceptions about millennials. We’ve been raised to be confident, independent, and outspoken. No wonder that we embrace entrepreneurship and butt heads with conventional wisdom.

    With Due, you have complete control over your retirement plans. Again and again. You decide how much you want to save. There aren’t even contribution limits!

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    Besides that, you have the option to take one big lump sum or monthly payments when you retire. That just depends on your financial situation.

    Oh, yeah. If for some reason you need to withdraw your money, that’s not a problem. Simply log into your account and request a withdraw, Within five business days you’ll get your cash.

    Just note that if you do pull your money out you might get hit with a 10% early withdrawal fee.

    Millennials live in a digital world

    As a generation who grew up with technology, it’s no surprise that we rely on it to make important decisions. And, your retirement isn’t excluded.

    Also, we want personalized and customized advice based on factors like how much money we’re got to work with and our lifestyles.

    The Due Annuity Calculator can help with that. However, Due also provides valuable resources such as the Due blog, aka Due Retirement Central, and the handy Retirement Guide. If you have any other additional problems, there’s also a support team on standby to assist you.

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