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Clint’s RNC speech to empty chair inspires ‘Eastwooding’ meme

Eastwood’s 10-minute conversation with an “invisible Obama,” represented by an empty chair on the Tampa stage, inspired social media buzz and even generated a new Internet meme, or trend.

Eastwooding means uploading pictures of empty chairs, sometimes with a stern wagging finger in the foreground. The hashtag “Eastwooding” has gone viral across the Web.

For instance, Dave Wiegel – found at Twitter account @daveweigel – posted a Twitter photo from the Tampa stadium after Clint Eastwood spoke at the Republican Convention.

A man named Dave Wiegel  Eastwooding  at the RNC event

A man named Dave Wiegel ‘Eastwooding’ at the RNC event

Similar pics are found across the Web, such as this photo uploaded by Twitter user K.A. Holt:

Another example of Eastwooding

Another example of Eastwooding
Twitter user K.A. Holt

Celebs are getting into the fun. Mia Farrow recently tweeted: “We had breakfast with #emptychair. Were a tiny bit rude to invisible guest #eastwooding”

Also an “Invisible Obama” Twitter account garnered more than 44,000 followers by early Friday.

During his speech, Eastwood ranted against Obama’s policies. “So Mr. President, how do you handle promises you’ve made?” the 82-year-old Hollywood director and Mitt Romney supporter said to the chair.

Early Friday morning, Barack Obama’s Twitter account responded to Eastwood’s odd antics, writing, “This seat’s taken” and showing a photo of Obama seated in a chair for the U.S. President.

A photo of President Obama seated in his chair

A photo of President Obama seated in his chair
Pete Souza / White House

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