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Bitcoin gambling site Primedice passes 20 million daily bets

Bitcoin gambling site Primedice reports that it has received over 20 million wagers within the last 24 hours.

Primedice, which is the largest gambling website to accept bitcoin, states on its homepage that it paid out over 2,500 bitcoins to users yesterday. This amount is equivalent to roughly 733,000 USD at the time of writing. ranks Primedice as the most popular dice game that uses the bitcoin virtual currency. It reports that Primedice users have gambled over 861,000 bitcoins, worth approximately a quarter of a billion USD. Gamblers have made over 4 billion bets in total on the site, more than its top 10 competitors combined.

In an interview last year, Primedice told CryptoCoinsNews that it was created to respond to the lack of gambling options available to bitcoin users.

The only competitor that Primedice had at the time was SatoshiDice, which was sold for $11.5M in 2013 by Panamanian entrepreneur Erik Voorhees. The deal was lauded as the “first big bitcoin acquisition” by tech news service VentureBeat.

Primedice hinted that it has plans to support other forms of gambling as it grows.

The founder of Primedice, known by the pseudonym “Stunna” on the website, wrote in a blog post, “What Primedice is to standard dice games is what I’m personally trying to create for slots and other games of chance. The challenge is creating a social experience that is both highly simplified and entertaining. These days we’re spending a lot of time staring at blank sheets of paper trying to create a truly unique gaming experience, but the ideas are flowing slowly.”

Primedice is not the only cryptocurrency-accepting gaming service that has made headlines recently. In January, startup Play, which provides users with the ability to place bets on a decentralized blockchain, went public on crowdfunding site DACx, according to CoinDesk.

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