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Aussie glitter bomb website goes viral, sells for US$85K

With bidding having started at just one dollar, by Thursday the site had been sold for a massive US$85,000. “You know, after a whole seven days in the glitter distribution business I just thought it wasn’t for me,” said budding entrepreneur Mathew Carpenter on Friday.

The rather sweary novelty website,, was launched by the 22-year-old Australian startup meister on 13 January. The site became an Internet hit almost overnight, picked up by media outlets such as Slate and TechCrunch.

Carpenter kicked off the website ‘Ship Your Enemies Glitter’ to share his loathing of glitter after family and friends habitually sent him Christmas and birthday cards containing the sparkly party dust. “I hated it and wanted the rest of the world to feel my pain so that’s how the website was born,” said Carpenter.

Initially, his first side project of 2015 made the international headlines when the media leapt onto the site’s quirky gimmick, with its mission statement of “[sending] soulless people who you f….g hate so much glitter in an envelope that they’ll be finding that shit everywhere for weeks.”

However the Internet entrepreneur didn’t expect his site would go viral. Within the first 24 hours of its launch, the site had racked up orders for his $9.99 glitter bomb parcels from around the world numbering “in the thousands.” The website was shared more than 80,000 times on Facebook, received some 4,000 upvotes on Reddit and was visited more than a million times.

Carpenter said at one point that his website had made about $20,000 in just under a week but by 16 January announced it was up for grabs. “Please stop buying this horrible glitter product… I’m sick of dealing with it,” he added.

Carpenter, a former University of Newcastle student has founded several tech projects such as social marketing firm GetWithSocial and the Cappture app. He is also the director of The AussieSEO, a company focusing on increasing online traffic and ranking of websites.

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