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Apple may soon offer TV show rentals for 99 cents each

If the media companies and Apple reach a deal, it would mark Apple’s first push into TV show rentals. It allows iTunes users to only buy TV shows, but rent films. According to a network executive close to the deal, the Times reports shows would cost 99 cents per rental.

The Times adds the TV show rental decision provides a peek into a different strategy from the networks. Last winter, they were skeptical of a similar proposal Apple proffered. At the time, they fretted about the possible damage that low rental prices would do to sales of DVDs and electronic episodes on iTunes and

How would renting shows work? Appleinsider says it wouldn’t be far from the rental-movie routine: customers would have 30 days to start watching the rental, and have 24 hours to finish the show. Unlike film movie rentals, the TV shows would be streamed, not downloaded.

A deal with the networks could work as a backup plan for Apple, the Apple blog states. The tech giant is rumoured to be releasing a new set-top box for TVs, a successor to the failed Apple TV. Appleinsider reports, “The new iTV will have limited internal storage in order to keep the cost of the device down. The new set top box with a small form factor is rumored to have a starting price of just $99.”

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