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Zisla Announces Investment Opportunities In Tulum

Quintana Roo, Mexico – (NewMediaWire) – September 23, 2022 – Tulum, Mexico has garnered quite the following since becoming home to model Nico Malleville’s boutique hotel. After Coqui Coqui opened its doors, it welcomed New York’s fashion crowd and the influencers followed. In the digital age, influencer marketing is everything and it turned the tide for the sleepy town of Tulum, terraforming it into the chic destination as it is known today.

Investors have flocked to purchase Tulum real estate because the accommodation industry is booming. New construction projects are popping up left and right, and will continue to grow for at least another five years.

As one of the most desirable real estate markets in the world, Riviera Maya has seen unprecedented growth and Zisla is right behind the trend by providing a comprehensive marketplace listing of all the houses and condominiums currently available in Tulum.

“Developers in Tulum understand one thing, the beauty of Tulum. It’s what keeps tourists returning, time and time again. The trapped-in-time concept of many of the resorts, along with ageless modern designs all play into the aesthetic that Tulum is known for. Developers have worked hard to preserve this unique feature that Tulum possesses. You’d be hard pressed to find another city that upholds these values. Sooner or later, capitalism finds its way into the most remote places, and you’ll have big brands infringing local businesses. Right now, one of the key reasons why Tulum is so attractive to tourists and investors alike is its charm of having barefoot restaurants and beach fruit bars which are locally run,” a representative from Zisla explains the unique features of Tulum and why it is prime time to invest in the Mexican town. “The amount of tourists visiting Tulum will only continue to grow as borders are reopened. Travel influencers that have been cooped up in different parts of the world when Tulum emerged as one of the most coveted tourist destinations will clamor over themselves to get here. Accommodation is in high demand, but be wary of agents that try to sell you prime location’ estate such as places near the airport, because you don’t want that – you want to be near the most desired location: the beach.”

With the right purchase and management, any property can be converted into short-term rentals through airBnB or vrbo. Business-savvy investors can also develop their properties into backpacker lodges or hostels for remote working travelers interested in staying for a longer period of time and still want to stay close to the hubbub of Tulum, instead of renting an apartment away from the beachfront.

Tulum’s tourist boom is also supported by the government with plans to develop Tulum’s infrastructure and make it more accessible. A new international airport is set to open in 2023 and the Tren Maya railway project which will connect Tulum to the major cities in Mexico, are all already underway. All of these developments will in turn build Tulum up into a city that will benefit investors tenfold if they buy in now, which is why Zisla is pushing investors to put their money where it will grow.


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