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Zartis Partners with Code Institute to Reskill Women in Need

Full-stack Software Development scholarships for women from conflict areas.

Zartis, an Ireland-based software consultancy, has created an initiative called Level Up to support people from conflict areas and gain the digital skills to transform their careers. In its 4th year, the program has supported 40 aspiring professionals and enabled them to get hired by global employers.

One of the programs under Level Up in 2022 will be the Level Up: Women In Tech program in partnership with Code Institute. 20 Full-stack Software Development scholarships will be granted to women from conflict areas suffering from the sudden disruption of opportunities in their home countries. The participants will gain highly sought after technical skills needed to transform their careers. In addition, all students are supported through tutoring, 1:1 mentoring, career support, and a vibrant community of over 3000 aspiring developers.

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The need to take action and create equal opportunities for women is pressing. 49.8% of workers in the UK labor market as a whole are women; in tech, it’s half that, at 25.%. At the same time, there is a growing demand for skilled workers to fill tech roles which have increased 40% in the last two years. Although global first-world economies share these statistics, little progress is being made to improve workforce participation rates.

A recent study conducted with female applicants from diverse backgrounds, ages and experiences on the Code Institute programme discovered the primary barriers preventing women from reskilling into software development are negative perception that women are not capable of software development, and self-exclusion because applicants believe they need to be good at math. The time commitment to complete a traditional programme, and lack of confidence around age are the other biggest barriers.

This information is used to structure communications, outreach messaging, careers, and programme support to address these barriers and attract more women to reskill in software development.

Code Institute is recognised worldwide as the gold standard in career conversion. Each programme is industry-validated and university credit-rated or accredited by the relevant awarding body. They deliver software development programmes directly to learners and their education partners in further education. Code Institute also partners with governments worldwide on training initiatives related to employment, diversity and equality in the tech sector.

“We are delighted to partner with Zartis again this year; our scholarship programme is focused on reskilling women in conflict areas to change their careers and access global opportunities available to software developers right now. We look forward to supporting these ladies through their career change journey and into employment.” Jane Gormley, Careers Services Director at Code Institute

The program is 100% flexible, supported and online; this means anyone around the globe can access it in their own time. No experience is required; however, all applicants must complete Code Institute’s 5 Step Coding Challenge before being accepted to the program:

Further information on the scholarships and the application process can be found on Level Up webpage:

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