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YFN Academy Teaches Long-Term Positive Impact Exercise Has on Children

The building blocks for a lifetime of physical fitness are at parents’ fingertips with YFN Academy. The virtual education and training platform teaches children from 6-14 and up the basics of physical wellness, instilling the lessons early to promote a lifetime of health.

YFN Academy Founder Ivan Koretskyy started his fitness journey at six-years-old playing soccer, and he hasn’t stopped moving since. Now, at 21 and as a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, he seeks to share all the information he’s gathered to help combat the rising obesity rate in America. 

“My goal is to alert parents that their kids need to start their fitness journey as soon as possible to get the best results,” Koretskyy said. “It’s a long-term plan for their kids to become the best, physically, for the rest of their lives.”

The YFN Academy Youth Fitness Program teaches kids from ages 6-14 the basics of exercise, explaining how and why the movements help the body. These lessons serve as a solid foundation for building physical health. The program offers students activity achievements with real prizes for completion. 

Personal fitness blueprint

Each student at YFN Academy receives their own personal dashboard, which provides access to their online trainer, an individual fitness blueprint with tracking metrics, and the ability to select prizes as rewards for achieving milestones. With access to the YFN Academy Fitness Library, students can view the entire collection of video guides without leaving home using mobile devices or computers. 

“We provide a range of exercises with additional learning to further increase their knowledge of growth development,” Koretskyy said. “They will learn about muscle strength, flexibility, form, and much more.”

Prizes for achievements range from gift cards and Heelys to an Oculus Quest 2 and PlayStation 5. Students can redeem their rewards at the mini-prize, medium-prize, and mega-prize levels, offering them something tangible to commemorate their hard work in addition to the health benefits. 

“If your child needs to improve their skills for a sport, find a new passion for an active lifestyle, or look for ways to lose weight and build strength, we have you covered,” Koretskyy said. “Join us and let us teach them now, when they are young, and they’ll use this for the rest of their lives.”

Focused on excellence in health education

A lifetime of physical activity taught Ivan Koretskyy the lessons he passes on to others through YFN Academy. While staying active is essential, he believes more people need to be educated about the nutrition side of wellness. He thinks introducing the lessons to children will result in better lifelong health. 

YFN Academy offers an effective online youth fitness program to help prevent unhealthy decision-making and habits by properly educating about exercise and healthy eating. Students stay engaged and interested because they learn why these lifestyle choices matter, and they can earn prizes for their hard work. 


YFN Academy offers the next evolution of fitness training and education. To learn more or register for classes, visit the website or reach out on social media at Facebook and Instagram

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