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Yemi Solomon: Empowering Women to Look Their Best and Unleash Their Inner Style Queen Through GLAMORE

Yemi Solomon: Empowering Women to Look Their Best and Unleash Their Inner Style Queen Through GLAMORE

Many reasons exist that compel people to reach impressive heights and rise through the ranks. Some draw inspiration from possessing the ability to generate wealth or gain fame, while others find strength in obtaining the capacity to drive change, spark action, and transform lives. As a matter of fact, some of the most established authorities across a wide variety of industries can attest to an internal force that drives them to translate visions into actions despite the challenges that come along the way. As proven by an esteemed entrepreneur and trailblazing force, Yemi Solomon, her deep-seated love for catalyzing change has empowered her to rise above a competitive industry, effectively demonstrating the potential to dominate the scenes one day. Currently, she is taking center stage for her widely acclaimed brand called GLAMORE.

Yemi Solomon is the CEO and founder of GLAMORE, an online women’s boutique and personal styling service that is currently making waves for its passion and dedication to empower women around the world. Offering a wide variety of carefully curated pieces, such as runway apparel, exclusive clothing, statement jewelry, and accessories that are not sold anywhere else. Each piece in her boutique has its own story to tell and unforgettable when worn by the buyer.  This emerging personality is bound to take the industry by storm.

Yemi Solomon has successfully distinguished herself from the get-go because of her commitment to providing people who do not fit the mold with pieces that not only best represent women but also emphasize their distinctiveness. With the pieces that she has carefully curated over the years, Yemi believes that she can become an instrument of growth to women around the world, empowering them with the most distinctive and edgy styles, fashion-forward accessories, and up-to-date selections. “Instead of focusing on ‘fitting in,’ I want women to become fully aware that standing out among others is the goal,” Yemi said. Highly driven by the mission “to empower women to look their best, transform their image and discover their inner style queen” to amplify the voices of women around the world, she sets the bar high among aspirants across industries.

“In 2009, while living in Newport News, Virginia, I launched GLAMORE with a vision to empower women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities,” Yemi shared.

More than a run-of-the-mill women’s boutique, GLAMORE has triumphantly redefined women’s fashion over the years. From introducing pieces that speak volumes of personality to curating a wide variety of selections that celebrate eccentricities, this trailblazing entity intends to make an impactful statement through its styles, emphasizing the founder’s vision to amplify voices and inspire women from all walks of life.

“My goal is to enhance women’s personal style, corporate image, and confidence while empowering them with all the tools to walk proudly as a style queen,” Yemi Solomon said. “I always get excited when a client’s makeover is completed. It is gratifying to see them express their feeling of satisfaction about their new look, especially when we compare their before and after appearances,” she added.

Although 2020 has proved to be a challenging year for many businesses and entrepreneurs because of the global health crisis and economic downturn, these unfortunate circumstances did not faze Yemi Solomon. As a matter of fact, the emerging powerhouse looked for ways to motivate herself and made the decision to organize a virtual event to stay relevant and keep the GLAMORE brand trending. By launching its first virtual personal style Q&A sessions, the company is on track to dominating the scenes one day.

Because of the success of GLAMORE’s first event, Yemi Solomon further launched her company to greater heights by hosting Boss Babes 2021. Along with five female industry leaders across the realms of fashion, beauty, skincare, and career coaching, the esteemed entrepreneur inspires business owners and would-be entrepreneurs through her tales of trials and triumphs in running a company during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Generally, serving others is my passion. Thus, my vision of Boss Babes has been focused on collaborating with women to provide a platform that assists them in bringing their dreams into reality,” Yemi said.

At the core of Yemi Solomon’s pursuits lies the capacity to make a difference in the world. As individuals and communities progress into the modern age, Yemi has witnessed a variety of factors that continue to divide women across the globe. Some backstab and promote hate on other women, while others go to great lengths to destroy social relationships for their own agenda. Through GLAMORE, she hopes to change that circumstance and unite women despite the odds.

“Above all else, I want to see women boost other women across the world,” Yemi shared.

In the future, the must-watch force aims to continue materializing her vision of a better world, catalyzing change among the lives of many go-getters and aspirants around the globe. Through her various initiatives, Yemi Solomon hopes to become a trend-setter and be known  as “the” go-to resource in the industry for UNIQUE fashions.

To know more about Yemi Solomon and GLAMORE, you may visit their website.

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