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Yeast Market for Animal Feed Application Registering a 7% CAGR from 2020 to 2026

The increasing household incomes of consumers across the world and their willingness to spend on food products has led to a growing intake of meat. This has given rise to consistent efforts by the livestock owners to effectively look after the health and hygiene of the animals along with the provision of functional and supplementary components in their feed. One such element that is marking its presence in animal feed is yeast as it shows immense potential in enhancing animal growth performance due to the presence of nutraceutical compounds.

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In comparison to common feed grains and oilseed meals, nutritional yeasts are widely preferred and incorporated in animal feed, considering their relatively high protein, amino acid, energy, as well as micronutrient content. It is also known that specialty yeast products, like selenium yeast, offer specific applications, and the Phaffia rhodozyma yeast is believed to comprise a pigment that improves the flesh color in salmon and trout.

On account of these factors, estimates have suggested that the global yeast market size from animal feed applications will be worth more than USD 2 billion by 2026.

Enumerated below are a few trends influencing the demand spurt for yeast across the animal feed applications.

Strong preference for autolyzed yeast

The supplementation of autolyzed yeast products in animal feed is gaining prominence owing to its bountiful effects on the performance, immune cells profile, intestinal immune-related genes, and microbiota in poultry applications. Quoting the same with an instance, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a well-known autolyzed yeast, not only enhances the performance but also modulates the intestinal immune system and microbiology of broiler chickens.

Higher presence in poultry

Poultry feed manufacturing is drawing great potential in recent years with the influx of several products that have been developed to offer effective health outcomes. Yeast has accounted an influential role in enhancing the efficiency of feed as well as increasing the turnout of poultry. They are considered among the best feed additives as they help breeders to attain distinctive impact on the health and overall performance of the poultry, even in fattening, laying, and maternal hens and chicken.

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Apart from their robust capacities of enhancing various digestive processes in poultry and offering an optimum rate of digestion efficiency, they play a distinct role in maintaining intestinal integrity. This, in turn, adds positive impetus to the general health of poultry animals. The presence of yeast-based products also helps in resisting pathogens as well as stimulates the growth processes by increasing rates of weight gain.

Cattle to see considerable demand

Yeast components offer multiple benefits to cows, as they limit the activities and the survival of fiber as well as cellulose-digesting bacteria in order to facilitate the feed intake, and the availability of protein, energy, among other nutrients from the feed. They significantly contribute to good rumen functions and fermentation, to further enhance the overall animal health and performance of the animals.

The increasing popularity of incorporating yeast-based products in animal feed has urged leading business players operating in the industry to focus on various marketing strategies, when possible, to increase their global footprint. These firms are also consistently working on innovations or modifications in their current offerings to cater to the rising requirement across the livestock sector.

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To cite an instance, in December 2018, Canadian Bio-Systems Inc., introduced Yeast Bioactives, a new yeast-based feed additive technology to offer feed supplement options in diets for swine, poultry, and ruminants. The novelty helped the company to widen its portfolio in enhanced yeast and grain management solutions.

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