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World’s first Military Metaverse (Miliverse) Launches Pre-Purchase Webpage

The Military Metaverse, hereinafter the ‘Miliverse’, is a corporation created by a graduate of Harvard in the United States. It is similar in that each tile is divided into tiles with a size of 10 square meters by benchmarking Earth 2( made by Shane Eisak, an Australian programmer who is currently in the spotlight among the metaverses.

However, the first obvious difference from other virtual real estate metaverses such as The Sandbox and Decentraland in the US is the deployment and trading of digital strategic weapons within Miliverse.

This title of lies in its digital weapons. 13,000 nuclear weapons that exist in real world, such as mortars, missiles, choppers, tanks, battleships, aircraft carriers, and submarines, can also be sold and traded. They are built to correspond world’s real weapon count, to keep and stabilize the scarcity of such items within the metaverse.

The second difference is that even the greatest digital heroes of history will also be traded. From General Caesar of Rome to Genghis Khan of Mongolia, King Gwanggaeto the Great of Goguryeo, General Patton of the United States, Japan’s Shogun Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Korea’s Admiral Yi Sun-sin will also be deployed and traded.

Third, if digital real estate, weapons, and digital heroes are equipped, virtual warfare between users around the world is allowed in the next phase of the project. It goes beyond just trading and makes it possible to have the greatest warfare, 24/7 with anybody around the world.

Milliverse Korea CEO Park Hee-seok, in particular, added that the Miliverse will provide one free digital real estate per month for those who have completed military service or active duty soldiers, police, firefighters, doctors, and nurses by calculating their service period.

He also revealed that it is a future military metaverse platform that preoccupies, trades and makes profits for anyone in the world, digital real estate, digital weapon, and digital hero through online non-face-to-face in the era of the corona virus outbreak in 2020s.

After the first beta service scheduled to open on March 1, 2022, and before the official platform launching in May 2022, the world’s digital real estate pre-purchase website was opened on January 11th of the new year and pre-sale to Koreans, one of the world’s most powerful leading IT countries who favors and loves all forms of digital assets.

However, at 2:22:22 pm(GMT+9) on February 22, 2022, it was announced that it would also open additional opportunities to preoccupy world’s digital real estates to investors from the top IT powers – the US, China and Japan.

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Company Name: Miliverse
Contact Person: Larry Kang
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Phone: +82 10-5101-6370
Country: Korea

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