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WiseRisk’s FX Hedging Application Nets Foreign Exchange Risk Down to Near 0%

BOSTON, MA – Oct 19, 2022 – FX Wise Trading, Inc announced it is ready to go to market with its WISERISK FX hedging application.  After 3 years of product development and months of finetuning the application to operate in both retail and B2B markets, WISERISK is only weeks away from piloting the program to its first round of clients.  “The plan has always been to secure 3 Nationally recognized clients who could prove out the application.  We are excited we are finally at this point,” said Anne Brensley, FX Wise Trading’s Chief Strategist.

WISERISK is an automated intelligence-based solution that eliminates unwanted currency risk in money market, trading, institutional investment, and escrow accounts.  As business transactions continue to span the global, the need to mitigate and plan for changes in currency exchanges is paramount.  WISERISK has built the preliminary elements of machine learning in its application making it poised to move as quickly as advances in technology.  Once considered a step-brother to the more traditional investment asset classes, the FX trading industry is growing exponentially.  Between the already expanding FX market and the newly expanding retail trader’s market, daily FX trades are climbing past $5B a day. 

WISERISK is quickly making a name for itself in the fintech investment world and has been approached by companies around the world to partner with the company.  “We entertained launching in South Africa due to an interesting proposal we received.  However, in the end, we decided to keep Boston as our home base while also working with groups around the world,” continued Mrs. Brensley.

FX Wise Trading, Inc has completed its Series A funding and is now looking for a strategic partner to help get the company off the ground.  “We have just started conversations with prospective partners.  We know a good partner will be important when onboarding new clients.” concluded Mrs. Brensley.

About FX Wise Trading, Inc.

FX Wise Trading, Inc has completed its Series A funding and is now fundraising for its Series B funding round.  The company needs to develop the application from a standalone product to a plug-and-play application that can easily fit into any business’ existing technology. 

Anne Brensley

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Company Name: FX WiseRisk
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City: Boston
State: MA
Country: Uzbekistan

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