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Wise Road Plans to Invest in Agricultural Technology Company

Qingdao City, Shandong Province–(Newsfile Corp. – May 10, 2022) – Signing Ceremony on investment agreement between Wise Road Capital and Qingdao Dayihaichuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was held in Beijing in April, 2022. Experts from China Agricultural University and related agricultural management institutions attended.

As a start-up marine technology company, the business of Qingdao Dayi covers the whole industry chain, including artificial breeding, adult breeding, food development, drug application, ecological environmental protection, etc. Currently, it has already started the industrial development in the application of marine biological seed breeding, molecular breeding and aquaculture. Today the necessity for agricultural innovation is more pressing. Solving such global-scale problems requires not only technological breakthroughs and financial investment, but also transnational cooperation, a prospect that likely attracted Wise Road Capital to invest in emerging businesses in this field.

Wise Road Capital has adopted an optimistic attitude towards the future of new agricultural technology enterprises and green agriculture since it altered its interests on modern agricultural innovations such as smart farming, planting equipment, and agricultural cloud. As a global professional equity investment institution, Wise Road Capital is known for its continuous investment on and acquisition of semiconductor and IT companies. With the booming of the global ICT and semiconductor market during the past 8-10 years, Wise Road Capital aimed at opportunities to plunge into this field, and maximizes the interests of investors through large-scale and profitable investment. Since it participated in the restructuring of Tsinghua Unigroup the end of 2021, the company has become one of Tsinghua Unigroup’s strategic investors.

In addition to semiconductor investment, Wise Road Capital also pays attention to many companies in the fields of biomedicine and green environment. According to public information, ScioSense, a company mainly engaged in environmental monitoring sensors invested by Wise Road in 2019, is currently operating quite stable in China, largely thanks to the operation empowerment of Wise Road Capital.

Known as China’s “Blackstone” in the investment community because of its large deal size, Wise Road Capital is also known for its asset restructuring and post-investment management. The companies it bids for have significantly improved their performance after obtaining their investment. According to reports, after Wise Road Capital took the control of the semiconductor packaging and testing company UTAC in August 2020, it turned losses into profits, and its revenue soared from US$700 million to US$1.5 billion. After Nexperia was acquired by Wise Road Capital, the company’s revenue and profit both increased by more than 50%. In the reorganization of Tsinghua Unigroup, Wise Road Capital won the trust in the industry and the high recognition of creditors by virtue of its professional ability in asset reorganization and post-investment management, and successfully took over the overall reorganization of Tsinghua Unigroup together with several other investors in the consortium.

Guided by the IMIC investment concept philosophy of “International, Marketization, Independent, and Client”, Wise Road Capital requires that the invested projects can not only achieve the standards of technology, intelligence and industrialization, but also widely improve people’s future life. Signing a contract with Dayihaichuang to participate in industrialization projects focusing on marine breeding and marine aquaculture means that Wise Road Capital is optimistic about and will continuously pay attention to the potential of innovative technology in the agricultural field, and also suggests that Wise Road Capital will gradually open up a new investment track in agriculture and biological sciences.

Company: Qingdao Dayihaichuang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Han Sen
Email: [email protected]
Company Address: No. 555 Tailiu Road, Shibei District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province

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