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Why Stefanos Sifandos Is an Unrivaled Authority in the Personal Development and Self-Help Space

Why Stefanos Sifandos Is an Unrivaled Authority in the Personal Development and Self-Help Space

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Having spent over two decades in the personal development and self-help space, Stefanos Sifandos has genuinely played a crucial role in empowering people to find their true north and support them in shifting their relationship to trauma and limitation. Stefanos has supported women to realize their full potential, heal the relationship with the masculine, learn to trust men and create the intimate relationships and loves they truly desire. He has achieved this through his unique coaching methodologies, holding a safe space, working with the nervous system to facilitate regulation, trauma release and somatics, group healing events and immersive retreats, workshops, and various meditation and mind-body methods. The sought-after personal, relationship and leadership coach developed a unique model focused on interaction, communication, psychology, and self-empowerment.

Stefanos is also the co-founder of Elementum Coaching Institute, an educational platform that takes coaches through one of the most comprehensive coaching curriculums in the world. “Elementum Coaching Institute trains and certifies coaches. Truly one of the most comprehensive coaching programs in the industry by focusing on the coach so the they do not bring emotional baggage into the client-coach dynamic. With my own personal practice and men’s movement, I am supporting individuals to change their lives, enrich their families, and better impact their communities,” Stefanos shared. 

He also shares programs with his wife, Christine Hassler. Their transformational programs include Inner-Child Workshops, Be The Queen (modern love and dating for woman), Relationship Courses, Breathwork and Meditation, and many more, all falling under their Love Amplified banner, which is all about empowering individuals and couples to dive deeper into love by healing their pasts. Stefanos is also the founder of Mpowered Brotherhood, a global men’s movement providing wellness services to men worldwide, providing them with the support they need to overcome trauma and pain.

In addition to that, Stefanos also founded Reclaim Your Kingdom, a 12-principle immersive online program for men to start a transformative journey of revelation and expansion, serving as a practical and pragmatic way to evolve ways leveraging ancient wisdom and modern techniques, such as neuroscience, modern psychology, Eastern mysticism, and evolutionary psychology. The program aims to help people become more connected, intelligent, adaptive, strong, inclusive, and open to varying ideologies. 

Stefanos also founded The Conscious Man. The program is based on eight comprehensive principles that aim to pose the question “how do we define healthy masculinity in contemporary times?” The learning is facilitated through live training’s and modules comprising of information, videos, and engaging practices to help attendees change old patterns neurologically, behaviorally, and relationally. 

“I have worked and continue to work very hard and with diligence on myself, intrapersonally, and on my business. I focus on up-leveling my education, modalities practiced and taught, and I am consistent in my offerings and what I share with the world. The greatest lever in my success has been doing my inner work,” shared Stefanos. “All of my companies are in some way connected to collective and personal transformation with individuals, corporations, and large groups.” 

Over the next five years, Stefanos envisioned his companies to grow and expand across different countries and continents. He aims to continue to run on-the-ground and in-person transformational events and formally open central hubs in Australia, the USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, South America, and Asia. 

Asked what advice he can give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Stefanos said, “Enforce healthy boundaries on your energy and time, devices, and people in your life. Learn how to say yes and how to say no. Don’t sacrifice your self-care activities either—working out, time in nature, downtime, etc., because you’re ‘too busy.’ But the busier we are, the more self-care activities we require. Continue to connect to and hold your vision for your business and dream alive by talking to it frequently, sit with the visuals of what success and progress look and feels like for you in three years’ time, and don’t be afraid to be proud of your vision.”

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