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Why Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments is a Legitimate Solution to Current Buying Issues in Land Properties

In May 2022, the US economy faced an unprecedented inflation rate hike that led to a chain reaction, pushing the Federal Reserve to respond drastically, raising interest rates by half a percentage point for the first time since 2000. Just a month after, it again increased rates by 0.75%, an act that hasn’t been seen in 28 years.

As the real estate market shows no signs of slowing down, buyers are pressured to purchase faster to evade another round of interest rate hikes. But, even as buyers and brokers scramble to close deals, many fear the rising interest rates would impact their fixed mortgage rate or their loan eligibility. This is why consumers are turning to seller-backed financing for their land purchases to circumvent the strict debt-to-ratio requirements of banks. In most seller financing arrangements, the seller carries the mortgage on the subject property, which the buyer pays each month. While this is a viable option for eligibility problems, it still opens buyers to high-interest rates.

Land company Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments adopts a similar approach to address the current issues in real estate purchasing but without needing to carry a mortgage from lenders or banks since the company or its partners own all listed properties. As a result, the firm has total control over pricing and installment period, giving it the freedom to offer lands for sale without interest, added fees, and credit checks. Most properties are offered for only $100 a month, making it affordable for the average consumer. Unsurprisingly, it has attracted many buyers as the process is much more straightforward than traditional methods of purchasing properties through bank financing. Furthermore, since Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments owns all the lands listed, they’re virtually unaffected by the rising interest rates set by the Federal Reserve.

Since its launch, the firm has closed deals with more than 300 clients, and with current trends in the economy and the real estate industry, this figure will likely explode in the next few months.

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Once Upon a Brick Inc. Land Investments
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