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Why do you need to think about API automation seriously?

API automation

Texas, USA — Application Programming Interface, usually called APIs, allows your software or application to interact with external software to get data or access the required information. API acts as an intermediary between your application and the external application to support data integration between the both. Automating this process is usually termed API Automation.

A good example of API would be users logging into any social platform or website.

These APIs need testing regularly as a human needs a regular check-up. To ensure that the health of API in the software is maintained, API testing is carried out. But now, tools have come that carry out these tests automatically. API Automation testing is carried out frequently to ensure it is working perfectly. And you need to take this API automation testing on a serious note to avoid the following challenges:

  1. Unfriendly API Automation testing framework: Any upgrade, whether to your product or the API, can change how your framework handles APIs. Validating the parameters within your API framework can also be a difficult undertaking, especially if your APIs have certain limits and validation criteria.
  2. Not Designing proper Test Cases: When running tests outside of the user interface, API test cases are frequently generated by assuming what has to be examined for the API. This means that genuine instances that should be tested are ignored, resulting in the product launching with unknown API flaws.
  3. Allow Time for API Familiarity: While most QA testers are experienced with manual testing challenges, they may not be as knowledgeable about API automation testing. Many members of your QA team may be unfamiliar with an API framework or uncomfortable conducting API test cases, which may come as a surprise to you. When your team doesn’t have the skillset to test APIs on a consistent basis, a robust API automation testing plan will fail.

Now that we have seen the challenges that one might face if API automation is not taken seriously. Let us walk through some of the benefits that you might gain while performing strategized API automation testing.

  1. We can execute API testing within the application before performing GUI testing. Early testing allows for faster feedback and increases team efficiency. The core functionality of a build can be evaluated to uncover minor flaws and assess its strengths.
  2. Most APIs and services have specifications, allowing us to develop automated tests with high coverage, including functional, non-functional, and majorly the main e2e testing. We rarely come across API test scenarios that cannot be automated using virtual user techniques.
  3. Data is transferred using XML and JSON; therefore, any language can be used for automation, regardless of the programming languages used to create the application.

An important decision in Automation Testing is to take API Level Testing more seriously.Integration testing at the API level should be a requirement of any automated testing plan. For people who have no past experience in this field, this could be a nerve-wracking move. Because it might transcend beyond the component or program, it is more of a tester’s cup of tea than a developer’s. The lack of a user interface can make it difficult to access and test the API. However, there are a number of automated API testing solutions on the market.

Conclusion: Now that we know what is Test Automation in API, you will also understand that there is an exponential increase in demand for APIautomation testing in this digital era. API automation testing is vital because it will be difficult to persuade your customer to accept an application if it does not perform properly and rapidly. Traditional strategies rely on paperwork, big sales staff, and old-fashioned, time-consuming, and expensive methods to manage the firm. When you grasp the scale of the internet of things, you’ll immediately realize how critical APIs are for tech companies looking to revolutionize their businesses. This testing has become a challenging idea in the software and QA testing chain to ensure that the digital life will operate smoothly to obtain quality, instant ROI, time, and cost savings.

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