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When Women Fly Podcasts Empower Women to Aim High in Life

Established by a multi-hyphenated woman, this site offers podcasts on women who fly planes, run their own businesses, defy gender stereotypes, and more.

In the past, flying planes was considered a man’s job by many. Today, women are lining up for pilot courses and successfully flying planes whether commercial or private. Sylvia Winter, a landscape architect turned pilot fell in love with flying when she frequently flew over the remote wilds of Alaska, Mexico, Kenya, and Costa Rica in her 20s. Years after pursuing this passion, she launched When Women Fly, a community of women offering inspiring stories of those who followed their passion and overcame the obstacles that came with them.

“When Women Fly podcasts celebrate the spirit of flight. Metaphorically speaking, we talk about women’s journey through their obstacles, dismantling fear, and living with it. We tell each other our experiences in navigating a male-dominated world as we follow our passion, our intuition,” Sylvia said.

Sylvia admits that following one’s passion often comes with fear but overcoming the challenges that come with it is very fulfilling in the end and builds confidence that transfers to other areas of life. “I’ve interviewed pilots and other women who are ski jumpers, runners, trapeze artists who say that doing what they do best gives them that rush or addictive feeling of flying, like defying gravity,” Sylvia explained.

Sylvia also invites superstar athletes, world champions, gritty moms, businesswomen, and more to share their journey and talk about their experience of breaking the glass ceiling. “We are providing positive mentorship and support for women who feel like they’ve never spoken from their own heart or lived the life that was their own. It’s an ageless message. When Women Fly aims to unlock a sense of adventure and confidence that impacts who we become and how we contribute to our families and community,” she said.

Sylvia believes that all humans can overcome perceived limitations regardless of their gender. “If we can break down the gendered activities and conditions that create limitations, we’re all going to be better off. We can experience a more fulfilling life by tapping into a sense of freedom to discover the most authentic expression of our individual desires purpose and taste,. There is a danger or apathy and depression when we are being boxed in and limited in some way,” she added.

Feedback for When Women Fly podcasts have completely endorsed the community, its approach, and its inspirational stories.

Travelislife said, “Sylvia’s podcast gets me excited about life. The women who adventure, overcome, and encourage others to do so, urged us all to do our best and bravely try new things. I listen to this cheering and reflecting. This is a must-listen podcast.”

When Women Fly podcasts are available every Thursday, at 5 am EST and on People can also reach out to the show by sending an email to

About When Women Fly

When Women Fly is a community of women celebrating the pursuit of their dreams and flying high both metaphorically and literally. The community believes that women can overcome perceived limitations and shouldn’t feel boxed in. Together, they inspire each other with stories of living their fears, fulfilling their potential, and overcoming life’s challenges.

About Sylvia Winter

Sylvia Winter is a landscape architect, creative director, pilot, and now podcaster and founder of When Women Fly. A lover of art, design, and mobility, she holds a Visual Arts degree from Brown University, a Master of Landscape Architecture, and a Master of Design Studies degree from Harvard’s Graduate School of Design. She had also taken courses at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Pacific Northwest College of Art, and the École des Arts in Lacoste in Southern France. Sylvia is an instrumented rated single-engine private pilot and currently flies a Cirrus aircraft.

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