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What Is The Function Of Built-In Humidity Sensor Probe And External Relative Humidity Probe?

Temperature and humidity probe is mainly used to convert and display the temperature and humidity value to the humidity detector or computer. The function of the built-in humidity sensor probe and external relative humidity probe is entirely different.

Built-in humidity probe is designed to insert the temperature and humidity transmitter, saves the occupying space greatly, suitable for crawl space and some condition that needs to install lots of RH/T sensor in fixed point. Built-in humidity probe has advantage of low power consumption, reduce products loss and the effect of the of pollution affecting humidity sensor.

HENGKO industrial temperature humidity transmitter has advantage of high measurement accuracy, high sensitivity, good stability, wide measurement range, LCD display, rapid response, zero drift and other features. Online temperature and humidity monitor makes it suitable all kinds of workshop, cleanroom, cold chain, hospital, laboratory, computer room, building, airport, station, museum, gym and other occasion that needs to monitor and control indoor ambient temperature and humidity.

For external relative humidity probe, it has more widely measuring range than built-in humidity probe. And we can select different types humidity probe according to the measuring environment. Such as HENGKO provides flange mounted temperature and humidity sensor probe with various length extension tube Ideal for when an application demands the removal of a sensor without interrupting the process.

Split-type external relative humidity probe can be used in HVAC duct and crawl space. HENGKO humidity sensor enclosures are made by sintering 316L powder material in high temperature. The have excellent performances of smooth and flat internal and external tube wall, uniform pores and high strength. The stainless steel sensor shell dimensional tolerance of most models is controlled within 0.05 mm.

The built-in humidity sensor probe and external relative humidity probe have their own advantages, according to their own use environment and measurement needs to targeted selection, will not go wrong.

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