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What Is Substrate Parachain, And Why Should You Care?

The Substrate is known for building custom blockchains. The Substrate provides the powers to the developers to define the chain however one wants and is empowered to build blockchain beyond the capabilities.

Substrate chains can exist as “Solo Chains” or integrate with Polkadot or Kusama to become Substrate Parachains.


Substrate fulfills two main goals by supporting the vision of Web3 –

1. Foundational technology for building Polkadot’s Relay Chain.

2. Software Development Kit (SDK) for Polkadot allows developers to build and deploy their chains on the Polkadot ecosystem.

In this article, we will share about Substrate Parachain and things related to it which can benefit in the long term –

What is Substrate Parachain?

The Substrate was announced in 2018 by the co-founder of Ethereum, Gavin Wood and Parity Technologies at the Web3 Summit in Berlin.

A Substrate can be considered a Software Development Kit (SDK), which helps the developers create a similar yet distinct protocol compared to other blockchains.

The similarity of the protocol provides common elements such as consensus mechanism, storage, and cryptography. The Substrate framework helps the developers blend or modify the common elements to match the project’s purpose.

The Substrate framework helps the developers to create the chains easier, cheaper, safer, and faster.

The Substrate is an open-source framework/ blockchain framework which helps developers to build customized blockchains. The blockchains built on the Substrate don’t need any support from external technology to run.

3 main components of Substrate Parachain –

The 3 components are available as an option whenever a substrate parachain project is going to start –

1. Substrate Node –

The Substrate Node provides pre-built functionalities and technical freedom. It provides default implementations for components like consensus mechanisms, account management, privilege access, etc. One can customize the initial stage of the chains, and thus, it allows the nodes to get familiar with the Substrate.

2. Substrate FRAME –

Substrate FRAME (Framework for Runtime Aggregation Modularized Entities) allows the developers to build Substrate runtime, and thus, it provides flexibility for the blockchain.

The Substrate holds pre-built node templates, and pallets (Library modules of Substrate) can be added to expand and personalize the chain. With the help of Substrate, basic customization projects can be combined with ease of development.

3. Substrate Core –

Substrate core means the runtime can be implemented in any way targeting WebAssembly (Wasm). When the basic laws of Substrate’s blockchain are followed, one is able to execute runtime within the Substrate. This approach helps with technical freedom and seamless integration within the substrate ecosystem.

6 benefits of using Substrate Parachains –

1. The Substrate is open-source, which provides a customizable architecture for building blockchains.

2. The Substrate involves all the core components like consensus mechanism, transactions queue, networking and data layers required to build blockchain networks.

3. Rich Tooling of the Substrate enables faster deployment, development, and debugging.

4. With the freedom given by Substrate, one can use custom blocks or modify them to develop new ones.

5. The Substrate is future-proof as it provides a combination of pallets which can be used for the desired use case of any blockchain network.

6. The Substrate offers interoperability without compromising efficiency, security, or compatibility.

Why are blockchains built faster on Substrate Parachains?

A ready-made environment is provided to developers by Substrate Parachains for running the Decentralized Applications (DApps). Generally, the developers require two functions – execute_block and version which can help to implement the ideas.

Blockchain infrastructure company like Zeeve provide reliable, scalable, and secure Substrate Parachains.

Transactions are optional in the Substrate Parachains and can be turned on and off as a separate module. Thus, Substrate Parachains provide a set of tools which help the developers with easy, flexible, and fast blockchain development.

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