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What is digital marketing and why is it so important?

Digital marketing is essential. Without it, your business is a ghost, invisible and ignored.

A ghost that floats above your empty website, your depopulated social networks and your empty bank account.

There is even worse.

The Internet is a busy place. If you fail to stand out, promote yourself, and attract customers, your business will not survive.

On the other hand, if you manage your digital marketing well, if you understand how marketing works and apply its principles, it can be quite different.

Your business will come to life.

You can then direct traffic to your site, convert these people into customers and fill that famous bank account.

Does this tempt you?

In this article, you’ll review what digital marketing is and how you can best use it to grow your business.

Let’s go.

Digital marketing: definition

It turns out that Wikipedia gives a very good definition of digital marketing: “Electronic marketing, e-marketing, digital marketing or even digital marketing, corresponds to all marketing methods and practices on the Internet: online communication (influence and social networks), optimization of e-commerce, creation of traffic through of all digital media (computer, mobile phone, podcast player, video games and dynamic display – outdoor advertising panel and point-of-sale television).”

That said, we won’t go into the last two things that most millennials don’t care about.

On the other hand, for small businesses, online marketing is by far the most important part of digital marketing.

The true power of digital marketing

The first advantage of this marketing strategy is its cost, compared to traditional media. Several aspects of digital marketing can be exploited with very small budgets. Nowadays, to become an e-marketing pro and develop your digital strategy, all you need is a computer, an Internet connection and the desire to learn.

And maybe also a good dose of vitamins. There are currently 4.93 billion Internet users worldwide. And this number continues to increase. In addition, 79.8% of French people own a smartphone.


Reaching so many people has never been easier.

And unlike traditional marketing methods, digital marketing makes it possible to measure the results of the strategies put in place with precision and in real time.

Here’s what that means:

Previously, a company would have published an advertisement for fitness equipment in a men’s magazine, before crossing its fingers.

Today, you can use tools like Facebook Ads to target only men aged 22-25 living in urban areas with a strong interest in cross-fit and electronic music.        

Then you can monitor every view, comment, and click. You can use a tracking pixel to see what people do after they click on your ad. It is therefore easy to measure its effectiveness.

Try to gauge the number of people who turned a page and paid attention to your advertisement in the press.

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