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Westpoint Dental Clinic Specialises in Restorative Dentistry to Restore Oral Health of the Patients

Westpoint Dental Clinic Specialises in Restorative Dentistry to Restore Oral Health of the Patients
Westpoint Dental Clinic provides a variety of dental treatment options, including general dentistry, canal therapy, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, microscopic dentistry, and more, to safeguard the oral health of the patients.

Blacktown, NSW – May 19, 2022 – To stay healthy, damaged teeth need to be repaired, which is actually an advantage because it can lead to optimal oral health. Whether an individual needs a filling, a dental crown, or new teeth, the elite team at the leading Blacktown dental clinic can help. Replacing a tooth is good for a lot of things, like ensuring that the rest of the teeth stay healthy, gums and jaw muscles stay healthy, and the patients find eating to be easier too.


The dentist Blacktown from Westpoint Dental Clinic specialises in restorative dentistry and offers several restorative treatment options, including dental crowns, dental bridges, dentures, fillings, and more.

When asked about this, “Taking care of your teeth is much easier with modern dental treatments. We offer preventive, restorative, and cosmetic treatments for any type of dental issues, from yellow teeth to toothless smiles,” replied the spokesperson of Westpoint Dental Clinic.

He also continued, “We use microscopes in order to provide precise dental treatments to patients. This is an advantage for our patients as it avoids possible treatment complications. We use this technology for treatments as simple as check-ups and dental cleanings, as well as more complex work such as dental implants and dentures.”

Their dental treatment plans are tailored to each patient, from routine check-ups to root canal therapy or correction of teeth structure. Their dental Blacktown team recommends making dental visits at least once every six months to ensure the patient’s optimum oral health and a healthy smile to keep going through life.

“Dr Amir is very professional and extremely enthusiastic when it comes to providing the utmost care for his patients. He is very obviously passionate about his work and clearly shows this through his ongoing effort, time, patience, adaptability, and resilience, all whilst remaining kind and humble. Dr Amir literally went above and beyond to meet my needs and exceeded my expectations, improving my smile at a 110%! Very happy with the service Dr Amir and the receptionists have provided. Thank you very much team!” commented Sheenal, one of their happy patients.

Their emergency dentist Blacktown provides emergency dental services for a toothache, swollen jaw, cracked tooth, lost fillings, sore gum, and more. They are all well-equipped to deal with distinctive cases in oral treatment.

About Westpoint Dental Clinic:

Westpoint Dental Clinic offers many different options to meet your dental needs, including general dentistry, canal therapy, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, and microscopic dentistry. Visit for more.

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Phone: 02 9621 5566
Address:Shop 3106, Level 3, Medical Centre, Westpoint Shopping Centre, 17 Patrick Street
City: Blacktown
State: New South Wales
Country: Australia

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