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We Buy Houses Company Identifies Common Repairs Required After a Home Inspection

Dependable Homebuyers has published a blog post identifying the common repairs needed after an inspection. If someone is in the process of selling a home, they might wonder if there are common repairs needed after a home inspection. Most buyers won’t commit to purchasing a place until there has been a thorough inspection by a home inspector. These sellers can rest assured, if there are problems, the professional home inspector will find them.

The blog post covers what happens when a home inspection turns up flaws that the potential buyer wants fixed. The homeowner might think that they have a perfect home, until it gets inspected. If the inspector finds any problems, they won’t hide them. To be sure, repair requests after an inspection can be quite the hassle and likely cut into profits.

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The homeowner can take care of some repairs themselves, but sometimes the repair requires a professional and that can come with a high price tag.

“Sellers should never sign a home inspection contract before they fully understand its obligations, including their responsibility for fixing potential problems,” says Dependable Homebuyers. “Another thing to be aware of is that home inspectors are not required by law in the United States, and even when they are, there’s no guarantee on how thorough an inspection will be. While inspectors must be licensed, their process differs from person to person.”

The blog post mentions that there is some debate over whether or not these fixes should actually be addressed at all. A home inspection report, therefore, can’t be taken as an automatically-required to do list for any homeowner.

Typical repairs that must be addressed before lenders release funds for purchase of home are structural defects, code violations, or safety issues such as issues in the attic, crawl spaces and basement relating to the chimney or furnace. These repairs are not an option for the seller to negotiate on. Those interested can learn more at

An inspector will also check whether the septic system, heater, and plumbing lines are in order and may report on a leaky radon pipes or termites. After undergoing a home inspection, it can be stressful to make repairs when buyers request them. The homeowner has the choice where they could pay for the work out of pocket, or concession with the buyer for them to fix these issues on their own.

Dependable Homebuyers is a great option for selling a home because they do not require any home inspections or repairs. They finance with cash so there is no worry about a lender requiring repairs. For homeowners with properties in poor condition, Dependable Homebuyers can save both time and money.

Sellers will need to consider the long-term ramifications of making improvements or not before deciding which plan is the best for their bottom line. Selling to a real estate investor will mean a faster sale, but the investor will need to get the property at the right price.

Dependable Homebuyers was created to provide an option for sellers who are not interested in making home improvements or concessions with buyers and want their property sold as-is. The company buys homes on behalf of investors nationwide, and has streamlined the process for homeowners so they don’t have to waste their time with showings, repairs, or real estate agents.

More can be learned about Dependable Homebuyers on their website at


For more information about Dependable Homebuyers, contact the company here:

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Dependable Homebuyers
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