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W.J. Castle, P.E. & Associates, P.C. Awarded Underwater Inspection/Surveying Six Long-Span Bridges New York State Bridge Authority

W.J. Castle, P.E. & Associates, P.C. (CASTLE) was awarded the underwater inspection and surveying of the six long-span bridges for the New York State Bridge Authority (NYSBA)

Jun. 6, 2022 / PRZen / PHILADELPHIA — W.J. Castle, P.E. & Associates, P.C. (CASTLE) was awarded the underwater inspection and surveying of the six long-span bridges for the New York State Bridge Authority (NYSBA). In addition, Hydro-Marine Construction Co., Inc. (HYDRO) was the low bidder on doing repairs for the piers on four of these bridges. These projects are slated to begin in May and June 2022, respectively.

“I am proud of the versatility of The Castle Group. With CASTLE awarded the underwater inspection surveying for the NYSBA and HYDRO the low-bidder doing the repair on 4 of these bridges, The Castle Group offers a unique perspective and ability to serve our customers,” says William J. Castle, owner of CASTLE.

The Castle Group is comprised of CASTLE a marine structural engineering firm and HYDRO the affiliate marine construction company. Established in 1983, CASTLE is a team of marine structural engineers and marine construction personnel, providing services to engineering companies and contractors in need of underwater inspection, design, or construction services. HYDRO founded in 1997, has enabled The Castle Group to provide construction and design/build services using our team of highly trained personnel. HYDRO is staffed with highly trained, certified commercial divers (Association of Diving Contractors international / ADCI). HYDRO has the unique advantage of working closely with CASTLE and, as part of The Castle Group, is very familiar with implementing complicated engineering solutions in even the most challenging circumstances.

“Together, the unique combination of engineering and construction under “one roof” is evident in this particular project. “It is rewarding when CASTLE and HYDRO can work together on important projects and combine their expertise. We are very proud and honored to be working with the NYSBA,” said William Castle, owner of CASTLE.

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The mission of the New York State Bridge Authority is to maintain and operate the crossings of the Hudson River entrusted to its jurisdiction for the economic and social benefit of the people of the State. The Authority will maintain the bridges and related infrastructure in good condition for the benefit of the traveling public, provide for the long-term financial stability of the Authority, and do so at the lowest cost consistent with long-term safety and stability. The Authority will provide for accountability and transparency in its operations.

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