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Videos by YouTuber ‘The Collector’ Exceeds 10 Million Views in 2022

Matt, ‘The Collector,’ shares his passion for collections through his popular YouTube channel. By the end of 2022, his top video had over 10 million views.

(PRUnderground) January 26th, 2023

While fans are still trying to figure out who he is and how he came to own so many collectibles, the viewership of Matt ‘The Collector’s’ channel continues growing steadily. His most-watched video, “SHOOTING AN ELECTROMAGNETIC RAIL,” climbed past 10 million views by the end of 2022, and the numbers continue to rise.

Known to his fan base and on his channel simply as Matt, ‘The Collector’ has a passion for cars, power, and arcade games. Since he joined YouTube in 2012, he has been sharing that passion with viewers online. His power collection is valued at over one million dollars, housed in four rooms in his basement. Matt owns small, large, and modern collectibles, as well as historical and specialty power pieces. Walkthrough videos of his collection and basement indoor range are among some of his most viewed videos.

“I realized some years ago that with each collectible I bought, my collection was becoming unusual both in size and diversity,” remarked Matt, ‘The Collector.’ I am lucky enough to enjoy my collection in the safety of my personal indoor range in my basement. Not everyone has that chance, so I decided to share my collection with other enthusiasts through my YouTube channel. It has not only been wildly successful, but it has been a lot of fun for me.”

Since joining YouTube, the number of views on Matt’s videos has been progressively increasing, with many of his videos boasting millions of views. His most watched videos include:

  • Walkthrough My 1 MILLION DOLLAR COLLECTION with 2.395,675 views
  • IN DEPTH Walkthrough of My $250,000 Vault Room with 3,726,319 views
  • SHOOTING AN ELECTROMAGNETIC RAIL with 10,020,328 views

Matt’s videos are not limited to showcasing his power, though. Other videos feature his additional collections – cars and arcade games.

“Collecting expensive power, amazing cars, and rare arcade games is truly a lot of fun,” said Matt. “But it is much more fun when you share it with others who find your collection just as fascinating as you do.”

To find out more about YouTuber’ The Collector’ or to watch his amazing videos about his collections, visit his YouTube channel.

About The Collector

To find out more about YouTuber’ The Collector’ or to watch his amazing videos about his collections, visit

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