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Hi, what are you looking for? is helping startups stake their claim to their dream domain name is helping startups stake their claim to their dream domain name and successfully brand their businesses with its creation of the Lifetime Domain Leasing concept.

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Founded by Dr. Kevin Ham in 2017, is the first domain platform focused exclusively on giving entrepreneurs perpetual rights to use premium domains for a reasonable monthly price and minimal risk.

Once dubbed ‘The Man Who Owns the Internet’ after building a multi-million-dollar domain enterprise, Dr. Kevin Ham’s solution to the problem of surplus underutilized, quality domains is Lifetime Domain Leasing.

What’s in a name?

“Think about it; domains are the real estate of the internet. They are the public face of your brand’s online presence. Just like physical real estate where location counts, the domain you choose can make or break your business. A high-quality .com address like makes it far easier for you to market your products and for customers to find you,” explains Julie Marshall, Head of Operations at


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Millions of premium domains were snapped up decades ago and held by domain curators. With domain names like selling for $35 million, for $30 million, and for $17 million, many entrepreneurs have no hope of competing for the best domain names due to the unattainable price tags.

“Startups tend to have limited cash flow, resulting in their need to choose between building a great product or spending up to six or seven figures on a great domain name. Obviously, the former will win out, relegating them to register low-quality domains, so reducing their chance of success,” continues Marshall.

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Description automatically generated changed the model where purchasing domain names was the norm to one where entrepreneurs can secure the perpetual rights to use a domain in exchange for a reasonable monthly fee with the option to cancel at any time without penalties.

The Lifetime Domain Leasing model developed by Venture’s founder Dr. Kevin Ham makes sense for cash-strapped startups and established businesses alike. It gives them access to their desired domain without the risk of a substantial upfront expense. If the business fails, it’s not tied into a long-term commitment. If it’s successful, it can continue to use the domain perpetually with predetermined pricing.


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Venture’s mission remains connecting startups to unused premium .com brand names destined to help them unlock a world of possibilities. To date, they’ve helped hundreds of businesses globally find a great domain. Some have even successfully raised millions of dollars. For example, one of their first clients, who leased back when they first launched, was recently acquired by Coursera, a company valued at over a billion dollars. After several rounds of negotiations, Coursera bought out Rhyme with plans to invest millions in its platform as part of its initiative, making one of Venture’s major success stories. 

“In the digital age, having a great brandable domain is key to building a legacy that can impact the world for generations to come. We can assist you with that,” concludes Marshall.

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Conclusion was founded by Dr. Kevin Ham in 2017. It is the first domain platform focused exclusively on giving clients perpetual rights to use premium domains for a reasonable price and at minimal risk. Once dubbed ‘The Man Who Owns the Internet’, Dr. Kevin Ham invented the Lifetime Domain Leasing model to help startups stake their claim to previously unattainable dream domain names and successfully brand their businesses.

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