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VAZARI Debut Smart Solution For The Sensitive Skin, Unpierced & Pierced ears: Earrings For Everyone.

VAZARI offers practical, comfortable, & versatile range of Clip-on Earrings.

Choices of Earrings are extremely limited for people that don’t have ear piercings. They are either forced to suffer the existed painful clip-ons with old mechanisms, bad quality or no earrings at all. Existed clip-on earrings that the market offers are usually with the old mechanisms such as Screw-Backs or Screw-Hinge, All exerting too much pressure on the earlobes; directly causing redness, irritations & pain. Or, simply just doesn’t provide enough grip to stay on, hence limited choices of designs.

Clip-on earrings are not just for people without pierced ears. Whether have sensitive skin or not, everyone had probably experienced pain, redness & irritation from wearing piercing earrings. Further, when it comes to a larger design, heavy, dangling or statement earrings, it’s more comfortable and better if they are clip-on earrings, as they would not tear earlobe tissues straight down.


VAZARI is here to open the doors for the people who want to wear earrings but don’t have piercings. Unlike the old designs which only exert pressure to grip the ears, VAZARI adds a protective layer – Memory Gel Padding(MGP) to absorb the pressure between the mechanisms and ear lobes. Moreover, it is also sweat absorbent, providing an even more secure grip for the earrings in the ears even during the hot summer. When apply correctly, the MGP does not cause any pain or leave a visible mark, It is also easy to wear & remove. All of the clip-ons have passed their rigorous stress & shake test to ensure it’s secure & allows people to wear them at ease.

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The principle of VAZARI’s Clip-Ons is to provide an alternate choice of quality earrings with comfort & style. VAZARI has a variety of collections of clip-on earrings with versatility & practicality when designed in mind. Using a wide range of materials from Freshwater Baroque Pearls, Mother of Pearls, Malachite to Swarovski crystals with 18k plated gold, that is sensitive skin-friendly, comfortable & painless to wear & remove. Designs inspired from the vintage collection with a modern twist. Covering a range of styles from classic, chic to glamourous. Each pair of earrings are handcrafted and checked to ensure its high standards of quality.

It is lovely when a brand designs products with a thoughtful mind behind them. Instead of just purely for the appearance & aesthetics itself. It shows VAZARI genuinely care about the exited problem & the people and is here to provide a solution for them.

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