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Utilising SEO In The Music Industry? The How-To Guide

Tbilisi, USA — Ah! The most awaited topic for the artists who want to build a strong career out of their passion for music. Well, SEO is generally a shorter-term used for search engine optimization, which has a lot to do with SERP or Search Engine Research Page, like the one we see in Google. 

What’s interesting about this tiny little trick is, it helps Google rank some of the most user-optimized websites so that Google can do justice by providing accurate crisp information.

You can start your SEO learning process with many blogs and YouTube videos present out there. In this article, we’ll brush on some of the basic highlights so that you get a fair idea of SEO and how you can apply it to enhance your music career.

Its SEO helps a site rank, similarly, it’s SEO that helps a YT video go viral.

If the terminology is so powerful, why don’t we try applying it to their in-demand skills music and podcasts.

The first thing to strike the mind of a lot of creatives after hearing this ; MANIPULATION! The streamline bots could be manipulated, but actually, quite the opposite happens here. It is considered to buy Spotify plays instead of followers, to start the inception of optimizing your content.

The current subscriber base of Spotify extends up to 130 million subs and over 286 million monthly active users. Now that’s the audience we wanna target in the long run. For Artist accounts, Spotify auto-circulates the number of viewers each month to avoid breaking down the algorithm. What’s interesting here is, Spotify’s SEO does work similar to that of YouTube. Yeah! You heard ( we mean read) that right.

How To Be On The Top Charts

Through Spotify SEO you re-define your suitable audience by listing out how many streams you have achieved through your target audience and if they go out of their ways to promote your song.

Now of course it depends on numerous other factors like song co position, likeability, the genre, so forth and so on. But here’s the thing, we want you to include one more factor in this criteria while composing a song and it is: SEARCHABILITY.

According to recent stats by the American Institute of Musical Study, over 80 million people stream “love” songs. Even the most searchable keyword of 2020 on Spotify was “love.” and the most streamed song in the history of Spotify is “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran, which is a – LOVE SONG!

You probably had no idea about it right? But guess who knows it all too well? The trendsetting artists of the music industry.

As a musical creative, there are three main ways that Spotify helps you get into the top-notched searches:

  • Playlist (That your Audience or fan base curates/ pro-tip: you can hire a team doing that for you as well)
  • Spotify features ( an incredible thing to happen, Spotify itself featuring you on the home page)
  • Search ( obviously, what people search for)

For a brand to be larger, search traffic can prove to be the crucial part but the smaller brands don’t benefit quite much from this because they don’t understand how optimising the song’s attributes can raise your chances of being found on Spotify.

Start with the most basic re-construction, and change your song’s URL marketing.

Increase the overall awareness of yourself as a brand and then your art. What you’re bringing to the table, matters the most.

Find a user-friendly interaction. You can play around a little while curating playlists, try putting your songs in with some of the most searchable songs, this will boost your streams like anything. Use loose-ended data points like skips, and likes and add them to playlist metrics to get your melodies featured in the Top Charts.

You should try to focus on two main playlists, the one kind is : Daily Mixes and the other one : Seasonal Playlists.

Get Spotify Recommending You : Here’s how

You can also do the keyword optimization in the playlist itself. Trying your playlist innovatively.

Getting featured by Spotify itself is hard but if you’re pitching skills are good and you can create a sellable theme around your art. Out of the sudden, it becomes a great opportunity.. Even though you can pitch only one song at a time

Claim your Artists account as soon as possible and get access to your Spotify Artists Account via the current label you’re working with.

After this, you’ll be all set to start the SE Optimisation for your creative site.

Pull out some unique descriptions and a dope profile, and start experimenting with different call-to-actions.

While this can be a little tricky when you start, it’s not that hard to make your song an A-Listed Hit once you start engaging with Spotify’s algorithm consistently.

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