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Upflex and Syncaroo Make Data Syncing Easier for Coworking Operators

New York, New York –

Aiming to solve a major pain point for flex space providers and coworking operators, leading hybrid work SaaS provider UPFLEX and provider of flex workspace automations SYNCAROO team up to make advanced integration freely available.

Hybrid work solutions provider Upflex has partnered with coworking tech company Syncaroo on a better way for flex space operators to streamline operations, automate menial data entry tasks, and guarantee data consistency and accuracy across booking platforms.

Continuing to push the boundaries of flex workspace management technology to create better tools for the industry, Upflex has launched this new installment of its Syncaroo integration with upgrades to make live availability and booking synchronization even better.

Flex space providers and coworking space operators who join Upflex’s global flex space network (which is completely free) and offer their space for on-demand booking alongside 6,000 other spaces on Upflex’s marketplace can then connect Syncaroo to their Upflex account for free, and sync data across Upflex and any management platform they use. The system is fast and simple to install, and completely free.

“The future of work is flexibility, and flexibility calls for better technology — not just for companies and workers, but for space operators, too,” said Upflex CPO Ginger Dhaliwal. “We know that as a space operator, you would rather be spending time on things like community building than on, say, copy-and-pasting the same information across multiple different platforms in order to avoid double-booking or keep information up to date. That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at Syncaroo, the flex industry’s champions of better data, with less effort.”

According to Hector Kolonas, Syncaroo co-founder, Syncaroo operates on the principle that better, more accurate data leads to better visibility for space operators, and a better booking experience for their customers.

However, the process of getting data updated everywhere across multiple portals and booking platforms can be laborious and time-consuming. The integration, he said, makes the process instantaneous, continuous, and hassle-free.

Kolonas said: “We built this infrastructure to connect systems more easily, to help make sure data is consistent across the internet, and to help thousands of workspaces save millions of hours of work time.”

Syncable data includes availability data, hours, existing bookings, and more.

Space providers using Upflex and Syncaroo receive, at no cost:

A streamlined booking process. Upflex users can book quickly, without having to select specific desks within grouped resources. Utilization and capacity limits are automatically checked at booking time. That means to higher utilization and more revenue. Improved data accuracy. Automate Upflex listings. Any bookings made through Upflex sync automatically with a space opereator’s management system, along with any changes made to listings. A better customer experience. Upflex double-checks bookings to avoid clashes and helps make sure spaces never double-book again. Full control over the data shared. Syncaroo puts the space operator in full control, letting spaces pick exactly which data they wish to automatically sync. For new users, form-less account creation and population. When spaces connect to Syncaroo and then sign up join Upflex’s network, within minutes, this integration will pull your information from their existing management platforms and automatically populate their entire Upflex account, so they can be up and running, with accurate listings, ready to accept bookings within minutes of joining. The integration pulls all the data in automatically. It’s easy and free.

Space providers using coworking management platforms OfficeRnD, Nexudus, andcards, cobot, or Satellite Deskworks can sign up here. Those using other management platforms can email Syncaroo about adding their system to the pipeline.

About Upflex

Established in 2018, Upflex is a fast-growing, global proptech company offering a suite of SaaS solutions for the hybrid workplace. Upflex’s all-in-one technology stands to become the flex industry standard, connecting occupiers, brokerages and flex space providers in one seamless ecosystem that champions flexibility and choice, and makes distributed work simpler, more cost-efficient, more sustainable, more scalable, and more secure.

About Syncaroo

Syncaroo is a platform that lets you sync workspace data directly with dynamic widgets, aggregators, brokers and other marketing or sales platforms, helping flex space providers work more efficiently while boosting reach and revenue.


For more information about Upflex Inc., contact the company here:

Upflex Inc.
Kate Walquist
833 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

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