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Undesert Corporation Compares Traditional Nature Based Carbon Capture and Sequestration with Its Platform

Utilizing a patented solar water desalination system, Undesert can afforest desert regions using only solar energy and plentiful salty water.

LOS ALAMOS, NM / ACCESSWIRE / December 8, 2021 / With all the headlines and news coverage of forest fires on the US West Coast, Australia and elsewhere it would be easy to conclude that forests main feature is as a fire tinder source. But, that is only a recent development brought on by the progress of global warming driven droughts.

According to the US Forest service, “Historical and pre-settlement relationships between drought and wildfire have been well documented in much of North America, with forest fire occurrence and area burned clearly increasing in response to drought. This body of evidence indicates that the role of drought in historical and likely future fire regimes is an important contingency that creates anomalously high potential for ignition, fire spread, and large fire events.” (Article: The California and Australian forests did not experience these widespread fire losses before recent years.

Undesert is moving to capture gigaton quantity atmospheric carbon dioxide by afforesting idle deserts. The Undesert, irrigated by patented solar powered desalination, is immune to drought because of the careful water planning integral to the design. The irrigated forest will also be managed to eliminate low-level brush and small trees as further mitigation of fire risk. The Undesert overall design even converts trimmed small limbs from the commercial forest operation to biochar. The biochar will recover 60 – 70% of the carbon in the limbs for site burial, while generating electricity to power operations.

The Undesert approach to carbon capture does not compete for land or water with other uses since the process feeds otherwise unusable saline/sea water on idle land. All salt is rendered to dry form to be sequestered onsite or converted to construction material. Note the key differences in our

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The Undesert™ is drought proof, fire resistant and pest resistant

Undesert Corporation is a Delaware C corporation in good standing based in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA. Undesert’s award winning Solar Wastewater Purification (SWAP) technology is a combination of Suns River (SR) solar desalination modules that use saline/wastewater to produce electrical power, deionized water, and dry salt with no liquid waste – Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD). They are launching an equity crowdfunding campaign on the website


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