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Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks Helps Homeowner Save Money on An Emergency Tree Removal Procedure

Fair Oaks, California – When one of Joseph’s trees broke last night, the homeowner went online to look for a company that could bring the tree down before it caused extreme damage to his landscape. The homeowner spent a whole thirty minutes dialing numbers from the results he found on Google. Out of the 10 companies he contacted, Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks was the only one that responded to his request.

The family was desperate,” said Joseph. “It was already 11 pm and with each call the family made, the hope of getting a team to handle the emergency tree service procedure reduced. However, luckily, Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks had someone in the office. The call to the company was received promptly and the lady on the end of the line promised to send someone to the landscape immediately.”

The homeowner reportedly did not have to wait too long. The company’s team of tree service professionals arrived on the homeowner’s landscape less than 30 minutes later. According to the homeowner, the team arrived with modern tree maintenance gear.

They had advanced tools that ranged from a crane to a bucket truck,” said Joseph. “This was a good sign since with these tools, the company could handle the risky procedure without causing property damage. The tree was leaning over the roof and the family was hoping to get rid of it without spending money on roof repairs.”

To see how Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks works to expand tree cover in the city, read this story:

When the team arrived at Joseph’s landscape, the first thing they did was inspect the tree closely. After inspecting the tree, the head of field operations called the homeowner aside.

The head of field operations noted that the tree could be stabilized for the night,” said Joseph. “He noted that handling the tree removal procedure in the middle of the night would be costlier than handling the same tree in the daytime. He noted that the family would pay at least 20% more for the night tree removal procedure.”

Joseph noted that his only goal was to avoid property damage. For this reason, he instructed the team to stabilize the tree and come back the following morning.

Using the crane,” said Joseph, “the team went ahead and cabled the tree. They also used several neighboring trees for support. They then drove off using one of the trucks they had come with. The entire cabling process took less than 30 minutes. It was amazing to see the team working so well.”

Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks reportedly came back earlier today to handle the emergency tree removal procedure. According to Joseph, as promised by the company’s chief of field operations, the tree had maintained its stability through the night.

The team handled the tree removal procedure very safely,” said Joseph. “They removed the branches on the crown first—for this, they used the bucket truck. Next, the team cut the tree down foot by foot while using the crane to bring down the pieces.”

The homeowner noted that the company went ahead and removed the tree stump together with the roots. The goal of conducting a complete stump removal instead of just grinding the stump was to create room for a new tree.

The team went ahead and collected all the waste generated by the tree removal procedure,” said Joseph. “Loading the truck with the stump, the leaves, the sawdust, and the branches, the company left the home looking better. For all this work, the company charged a very affordable fee.”

Tree Service Pros Fair Oaks offices are located at 4790 Dewey Dr, Fair Oaks, CA 95628, United States. Homeowners dealing with emergencies, however, can contact the company by simply dialing +1 916-536-7962 or sending an email to [email protected]

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