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Tree Service Pros Carmichael is Now Handling Emergency Tree Removals in the City’s Suburbs


Carmichael, California – After years of only offering emergency tree services within the Carmichael City boundaries, Tree Service Pros Carmichael has finally decided to expand its coverage for this service. Today, the company’s CEO announced that the emergency tree service team will also be handling emergency tree removals in suburbs like North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Arden-Arcade, Fair Oaks, Foothill Farms, McClellan Park, Citrus Heights, and La Riviera. 


“Over the years, the company has received more than a few thousand requests for emergency tree services from suburbs of Carmichael,” said the company’s CEO. “The company has always turned down these requests and advised the homeowners to seek a tree service provider closer to their homes.” 

“While some of the homeowners did get a team to help them,” added the CEO, “most ended up with property damage – property damage has always been common among homeowners facing emergencies in the middle of the night. To keep trees from falling on houses and utilities, Tree Service Pros Carmichael has decided to expand its service area. The company will now be responding to tree emergencies outside Carmichael City.” 

According to the CEO, the idea of handling emergency tree services outside Carmichael came when a homeowner contacted the company’s offices seeking help and the company decided to take the job. 

To see how Tree Service Pros Carmichael handles tree removal for large trees, read the company’s latest story:

“Although the customer was residing in Foothill Farms,” said the Tree Service Pros Carmichael CEO, “the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Carmichael managed to arrive on the client’s landscape in less than one hour. This brought about the realization that the company can still offer timely responses to homeowners outside Carmichael.” 

The CEO told a group of reporters that even though the distance to be covered to reach emergency sites outside Carmichael might be longer, the company will strive to ensure the response time remains unchanged. 

“Tree Service Pros Carmichael will be responding quickly to all emergency requests irrespective of where the homeowner is located,” said the CEO. “The company has always arrived at the emergency site less than an hour after receiving the emergency service request. The company will maintain this response time. If possible, the company’s team will even try to reduce this response time.” 

The CEO noted that tree emergencies can cause property damage any minute. He indicated that they are more like ticking time bombs. For this reason, the response time ought to be as minimum as possible. The CEO indicated that to make the response time even lesser, his company will invest its time in establishing emergency response locations closer to homeowners outside Carmichael city. 

“Tree Service Pros Carmichael will be handling tree emergencies in the suburbs on a 24/7 basis,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “The company’s emergency service call line will always remain open day and night – this will ensure that trees aren’t falling unexpectedly in the middle of the night.”

According to the chief of field operations, the company will be answering its customer’s calls in the first ring irrespective of the time of the day or night they call. This will help ensure the customers aren’t panicking when a tree is threatening to cause damage. 

The chief of field operations noted that Tree Service Pros Carmichael is a company that also boasts the ability to also handle tree trimming, tree pruning, and stump removals. He reported that these services will also be accessible to its customers in the suburbs.

Tree Service Pros Carmichael offices are located at 8037 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, CA 95608, United States. Homeowners, however, can contact the company via +1 916-603-2238 and [email protected]

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Phone: 916-603-2238
Address:8037 Fair Oaks Blvd
City: Carmichael 95608
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