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Tree Service Madera Handles Emergency Tree Removal to Save Client’s Roof

Madera, California – A company that boasts the ability to handle emergency tree service procedures on a 24/7 basis, Tree Service Madera has helped a homeowner get rid of a lightning-damaged tree. The homeowner—Melvin—called the company at around 9 pm to report a tree that was leaning dangerously over his home. Tree Service Madera surprised Melvin when its team of tree care professionals arrived on his landscape less than 30 minutes after his tree service request.

The family has always hated the thunder that usually follows the lightning,” said Melvin. “However, the reality today made everyone realize that it is not the thunder that causes problems—it is that split-second lightning that appears and goes immediately. Today, the lightning turned a tree that has always been healthy and the center of attention on the landscape into a hazard that almost made the family lose an entire roof.”

The homeowner noted that he was not sure he would get a team of tree care professionals to handle the emergency tree removal procedure. Luckily for him, he found Tree Service Madera online pretty quickly.

9 pm is not a time you would expect companies to still have their offices open,” said Melvin. “This was almost proven by the first three tree care companies the family reached out to. The family’s calls went to voice mail. Luckily, the fourth phone number the family used belonged to Tree Service Madera—the company was more than happy to pick up the call on the first ring.”

To see how Tree Service Madera uses tree removal to create room for new, healthy trees, read this story:

The homeowner noted that the customer service agent in the Tree Service Madera offices was extremely happy to offer the help Melvin’s home needed. She informed the homeowner that she would get the team to take care of the tree emergency in less than one hour.

The family thought that it had to wait for 60 minutes,” said Melvin. “This was good enough because the chances of the tree landing on the roof within that period were still minimal. The company, however, surprised the family when its team arrived on the landscape less than 30 minutes later.”

The company reportedly arrived on the landscape with advanced tools. The company planned to use a crane and sets of ropes to pull the tree and align it with the safest path—that is, a path leading away from all utilities. However, the company had to change its plans immediately when its team realized that the tree was standing between utilities.

The team decided to use a combination of the bucket truck and the crane to cut down the damaged tree foot by foot,” said Melvin. “Using the bucket truck to access the dangerously leaning crown, the team of tree service experts first removed the entire crown while lowering down the branches carefully. The team then went ahead and decided to cut the tree down foot by foot.”

It was one of the most complicated tree maintenance procedures the family has ever watched,” said Melvin. “What’s more, the company was working through the night. However, what surprised the family is that the company did not overcharge for the tree removal procedure. Even though the family was operating under a strict budget at the moment, paying for the emergency tree removal procedure was extremely easy.”

Melvin noted that Tree Service Madera did not just remove the tree—its team went ahead and removed the tree stump. What’s more, the company left after cleaning his landscape and packing all the waste—from the leaves and branches to the trunk and stump—in its truck.

Tree Service Madera schedules all its tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation located at 14566 CA-41, Madera, CA 93636, United States. The company can, however, be contacted via +1 559-234-3291 and [email protected]

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Phone: 559-234-3291
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City: Madera 93636
State: CA
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