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Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Helps Homeowner Remove Thorny Trees from His Landscape

Santa Ana, California – A company that has offered tree trimming, tree pruning, and other services in Santa Ana for more than 25 years, Tree Service Experts Santa Ana spent the whole of last week helping Evans remove thorny trees from his landscape. The homeowner noted that the thorny trees created a bad environment for his family and friends.

Thorny trees are never a good idea,” said Evans when explaining to a group of reporters why he had to remove more than 40 trees. “The family never planted these trees—they were here when the family purchased the home.”

The homeowner noted that the trees kept dropping thorns on his landscape. He noted that in most cases, his kids did not enjoy donning their shoes. Walking around the landscape barefooted created an ideal opportunity for the thorns dropped on the landscape to inflict injuries.

Last week,” said Evans, “the wife had to take a son to the hospital after he hurt his leg while playing on the landscape barefoot. When taking him to the hospital, the son had a thorn lodged in his foot. This is the injury that pushed the family to invest in tree removal.”

The homeowner noted that he had only lived in Santa Ana for 2 months before his son’s incident occurred and forced him to start planning the tree removal procedure.

Planning the tree removal procedure was not that easy,” said Evans. “The family had never used a tree maintenance company before. For this reason, no one had even the slightest idea of the best tree maintenance companies in Santa Ana. The family had to talk to several people to determine which company to use.”

The homeowner noted that most of the trees he wanted to be removed were standing next to important utilities. For this reason, the goal was to get a team that would ensure maximum safety.

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Several trees were standing next to the main house,” said Evans. “More than 10 trees were surrounding the swimming pool, while there was a significant number of trees standing next to the garage. The family did not want to work with a team that wouldn’t guarantee that none of the trees would cause harm.”

Evans reportedly talked to his neighbors before settling with Tree Service Experts Santa Ana. The homeowner noted that more than 17—out of 20—of the neighbors he talked to noted that they had used the company before and enjoyed its services. They also noted that the company had the most affordable services and even offered discounts for bulk tree maintenance procedures.

When the family contacted Tree Service Experts Santa Ana,” said Evans, “everyone confirmed that what the neighbors had mentioned was true. The company sent an expert to analyze the project and provide a price quotation for the entire procedure. The professional provided a cost that was more than 30% cheaper compared to what the family had expected.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana reportedly initiated the tree removal procedure on the same day Evans called their office to request the service. Removing about 8 trees every single day, the company removed all 40 trees in 5 working days.

The company cleaned up after the tree removal procedure,” said Evans. “The company did an impressive job with the cleanup process. They collected all the thorns that dropped on the landscape, leaving the entire landscape spotlessly clean. The family will replace the removed trees with attractive trees that won’t create safety concerns.” 

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Company Name: Tree Service Experts Santa Ana
Contact Person: Streeter Lucio
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Phone: 657-332-0999
Address:1217 E Wakeham Ave
City: Santa Ana – 92705
State: CA
Country: United States

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