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Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Handles Emergency Tree Removal While Homeowner Was Away

Santa Ana, California – Yesterday, at around 9 pm, Tree Service Experts Santa Ana arrived on Jacob’s landscape and worked until 1:45 am. The company removed a large pine tree that was on the verge of dropping on the house. The company reportedly received a call from one of Jacob’s neighbors since Jacob was away on a business trip.

“When the family was having their night meal at around 8:50 pm,” said Jacob’s neighbor while explaining how he managed to save Jacob from extreme property damage, “everyone was surprised by a loud cracking sound. Without wasting time, we all went outside – the spotlights helped the family realize the white pine on Jacob’s landscape was relying on 2 neighboring trees to stay upright.”

Jacob’s neighbor reportedly pulled out his phone and called Tree Service Experts Santa Ana immediately. The homeowner had used the company a few months back and knew they would respond quickly.

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“Even though it was already 9 pm,” said Jacob’s neighbor, “Tree Service Experts Santa Ana had someone in the office. The company’s representative asked the right questions and recorded the address. An hour later, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Santa Ana was at the gate with all the tools they would need for the project.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana reportedly initiated the emergency tree removal procedure even before asking about the homeowner’s whereabouts. The company’s goal was to ensure the tree did not fall on the house just 3 feet away.

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana used its advanced machines to complete the tree removal safely. Using a crane and ropes, the company stabilized the tree, relieving the pressure it was putting on the two smaller trees that had kept it from dropping on the house. Using a bucket truck and its power cutting tools, the company pruned the tree and then cut it down foot by foot from the top.

“After cutting the tree down,” said Jacob’s neighbor, “they used a stump grinder to reduce the tree stump. Ensuring the stump was below the ground, the company eliminated a tripping hazard.”

Jacob’s neighbor was worried about the payments that would be needed right after the tree removal procedure. The neighbor reportedly did not have enough money to finance the emergency tree service. He was, however, surprised when he realized the company was willing to wait until the homeowner came back.

“The company’s decision to wait until Jacob came back was one of the best,” said Jacob’s neighbor. “Jacob’s phone was not going through and everyone was wondering how the tree cutting professionals would get their payment.”

Jacob – the homeowner – arrived yesterday on his landscape. He was surprised to find one of his trees gone. However, when his neighbor explained what had happened, Jacob was extremely impressed.

“After calling Tree Service Experts Santa Ana for a quotation,” said Jacob, “the company surprised the family with an extremely affordable emergency tree service cost. After learning that the company handled the emergency tree removal procedure in the middle of the night, the family was expecting a much higher price.”

Jacob noted that he had also expected a high cost since the company’s team of qualified professionals in Santa Ana had cleaned his landscape.

“After paying,” said Jacob, “the company asked whether the family was planning to plant a new tree in the space previously occupied by the removed pine. The company’s CEO noted that anytime the family decides to plant a new tree, his team of tree cutting professionals would be ready to handle complete stump removal.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana office is located at 1217 E Wakeham Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705, United States. The company can be contacted via +1 657-332-0999 and [email protected]

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