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Tree Service Experts San Bernardino Helps a Client Turn a Dead White Pine into Firewood

San Bernardino, California – Yesterday, Tree Service Experts San Bernardino received a call from Abena. She is a homeowner in San Bernardino and wanted help with a dead white pine standing by her landscape. She mentioned the tree had died after some pests attacked it. The tree didn’t threaten the utilities on her property as it stood isolated. Just in detail, she wanted the tree removed as it attracted unwanted attention.

“The family has been away for nearly two years, and the caretaker didn’t notice the tree had been affected by some pest,” said Abena. “When the family returned, it was shocking to find the once aesthetically looking white pine dead and unappealing. The family then decided that the tree had to be removed from the landscape. The family had to go ahead and contact a specialist in trees to determine if there was a likelihood of the other trees facing the same horror.”

Abena called the company to hire its tree removal team immediately after learning the tree was dead. Next, she asked her neighbors about a recommended company that would meticulously handle the dead tree on her landscape. She was amazed to find out that seven out of ten suggested Tree Service Experts San Bernardino.

“The family had to do a background research about the company,” noted Abena. “The company’s tree service experts had impressive reviews left on their website, and all those customers applauded the company so much. They all sang praises about the company, and it sounded too good! Shockingly they were good indeed, and their rates were not exorbitant. The background research assured the family that the company would do their best with the tree removal on her landscape.”

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“The professional who the company sent to assess the dead tree arrived an hour after the call. And he was pleasant to talk to,” said Abena. “Not only was he friendly, but he had an adept understanding of trees and the best way the removal procedure would take place without destroying the landscape. The professional helped the family figure out how the dead white was to be removed. The professional promised to bring his team the next morning after assessing the tree.”

Abena was pleased with how the company kept its promise and soon responded. She added that the company kept the customers’ requests at heart, which might have been one of the reasons the company was applauded that much. She also mentioned how the company communicated with the customers was rather impressive, and she noticed this from the call and the professional who assessed the tree.

“It is never easy to find a company willing to help you turn removed trees into firewood,” said Abena. “When the team arrived on the landscape the next morning, they had all modern machines that aided the process. For a moment, it felt like feeling two feeds with one deed. First, the dead branches were tied with ropes to the crane, and the professionals used bucket trucks to cut the branches with power-cutting tools. Then, foot by foot, the tree was brought down. However, the team somehow used the manual tree climbing to reach the crown, and it was because the tree was stable and didn’t pose any risk. After removing the tree’s stump, the company used its wood splitter to turn the large tree trunks into enough firewood. The firewood would be of the essence the coming winter and with outdoor cooking.”

Tree Services Expert’s San Bernardino offices are located at 1264 S Waterman Ave, CA 92408. To reach the company remotely, you can dial +1 909-330-1592 or send an email to [email protected]

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Contact Person: Teddy Crosley
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Phone: 909-330-1592
Address:1264 S Waterman Ave
City: San Bernardino 92408
Country: United States

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