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Tree Service Experts Merced Handles Tree Trimming on 4 Palms Standing Next to Powerlines

Merced, California – Tree Service Experts Merced was recently contacted by Craig over the official company’s email address. He left a message that he wanted help with 4 palms that were standing next to the power lines. The palms have had a spontaneous growth over the last 7 years and are now reaching the power lines. As a result, the palms were posing a great risk to everyone. It was a complicated procedure, but the client was impressed by how it was handled.

“Time over time, the family has had to postpone the tree trimming for the 4 palms since reaching a team that was willing to work on them was nearly impossible,” said Craig. “This year, however, the family has been determined to find a team of professionals who could trim the palms despite the risks it bared. A family friend instead suggested Tree Service Experts Merced. The family was laid back since, just like other companies that were contacted initially, they were convinced Tree Service Experts Merced might turn down the request.”

After looking for a company that would handle the tree trimming procedure, the process turned out to be like looking for a needle in the haystacks,” said Craig. “The hunt for tree trimming services was rather tiresome, and the family had become used to companies refusing to work on the trees. However, to the family’s surprise Tree Service Experts Merced responded to the request and agreed to trim the 4 palms.”

Craig further noted that one thing was common in the companies he had contacted prior. They were skeptical that the branches might land on the power lines. He then concluded that the companies lacked advanced tree maintenance gear.

When the Tree Service Experts Merced team arrived,” said Craig, “they had some of the most advanced tree maintenance equipment the family had never seen. It assured the family that the company had an adept understanding of what was to be done. The company brought modern machines, and it depicted the degree of preparedness they had to handle any situation that was inherent to the procedure.”

Craig mentioned that Tree Service Experts Merced had to request the power company to switch off the electricity to increase safety during the tree trimming procedure. Once the electricity was off, Tree Service Experts Merced utilized its bucket truck to access the palm crowns. After inspecting the trees and establishing the palms, and finding the branches to remove, the company tied the limbs with ropes before cutting them.

To understand how Tree Service Experts Merced handles such roadblocks to tree trimming operations, visit the company’s official website

The head of field operations from the company accompanied the team, and he appeared to be a muscle to the team,” said Craig. “He said the branches had to be tied with ropes to keep them from falling unexpectedly. The ropes were then attached to the crane, which moved with tutelage while lifting the cut branches and dropping them away from power lines. The company worked super quickly to avoid causing inconveniences with the power outage initially arranged with the power company. The clock was ticking, and instead, it didn’t make the team create excuses. In less than two hours, the team of experts, with assistance from their field officer, had finished trimming the 4 palms without causing any damage to the harboring utilities.”

Tree Service Experts Merced is always in the forefront when homeowners need someone to eliminate tree hazards,” said the company’s CEO. “Whether they need to cut trees growing in areas that would otherwise require land development or growing too close to the power lines, the company offers them the best results from such procedures at an affordable cost.”

Tree Service Experts Merced base of operation is located at 1741 Ashby Rd, Merced, CA 95348, United States. You can, however, contact the company via +1 209-497-8787 and [email protected]

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Company Name: Tree Service Experts Merced
Contact Person: Dewey Sayre
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Phone: 209-497-8787
Address:1741 Ashby Rd
City: Merced
State: CA 95348
Country: United States

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