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Tree Service Experts Irvine Lauded by Homeowner for Converting Palm Trees Into Firewood After Tree Removal


Irvine, California – When William Minor hired Tree Service Experts Irvine for a tree removal procedure, he wanted to kill two birds with one stone – that is, he wanted to create space for his swimming pool and also get enough firewood for the coming winter. The homeowner was impressed when the company turned both his dreams into reality. Tree Service Experts Irvine removed the palm trees, pulled out the tree stumps from the ground, leveled the landscape, and then proceeded to split the trees into firewood. 


“Since the family moved to its new home in Irvine last summer,” said William, “the kids have been demanding a swimming pool. Since the swimming pool was a promise the wife had made to the kids, the family had to fulfill the promise. The only problem was that the new home in Irvine was covered with trees – there was no room for the new swimming pool.” 

According to William Minor, to create room for a new swimming pool, his family had to sacrifice 6 palm trees. He did his research to find a team that would remove the trees without harming his home or charging him exorbitant prices. 

“Being new in Irvine,” said William, “the wife had to go out and talk to several homeowners to determine which tree maintenance company is the most preferred in this city. In 7 of the 10 homes the wife visited, Tree Service Experts Irvine was recommended.” 

When William called Tree Service Experts Irvine to request a quotation, he was surprised when the company received his call on the first ring. The company did not hesitate to send a professional to assess William’s palm trees on the same day he called. 

To see how Tree Service Experts Irvine reduces the risk of property damage, read this story:

“The professional who came to assess the palm trees was very pleasant to talk to,” said William. “Not only was he friendly, but he also had a lot of knowledge about trees and the best location for the swimming pool. The professional helped the family figure out the best trees to remove to create room for the swimming pool.”

William was impressed with the Tree Service Experts Irvine quotation and decided to hire the company. The company reportedly helped him remove the trees and also turned the trees into firewood. 

“It is not easy to find a company that is willing to help you turn removed trees into firewood,” said William. “Tree Service Experts Irvine, however, did this for the family. Using its modern tree service tools, the company brought down 6 palm trees to create enough room for the swimming pool. After removing the tree’s stumps, the company used its wood splitter to turn the large tree trunks into enough firewood for the upcoming winter. What surprised everyone is that they maintained a very affordable price even though the services were more than they generally offer.” 

To better understand how Tree Service Experts Irvine handles extra tree-related services, reporters visited the company’s offices. 

“When a homeowner invites the company’s team of qualified professionals in Irvine to his/her landscape,” the CEO told the reporters, “the company’s goal is to ensure all his needs are taken care of. The company’s years of experience, willingness to satisfy the customer, and modern tools make this possible. William is not the first client the company has helped with wood splitting. This is a service the company offers to every homeowner who uses firewood in his home – this could be for cooking or heating.” 

Tree Service Experts Irvine base of operation is located at 17971 Sky Park Cir, Irvine, CA 92614, United States. Customers, however, can book tree care procedures through +1 657-332-1006 and [email protected]

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Company Name: Tree Service Experts Irvine
Contact Person: Marco Federic
Email: Send Email
Phone: 657-332-1006
Address:17971 Sky Park Cir
City: Irvine 92614
State: CA
Country: United States

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