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Tree Service Experts Elk Grove Lauded for Using a Crane to Safely Remove a Large Tree Standing in a Tight Space


Elk Grove, California – When Joni Burkhart decided to bring down a pine tree that was outgrowing its allocated space, he reached out to Tree Service Experts Elk Grove for help. The tree was standing in a tight space and the slightest mistake could have led to significant property damage. The homeowner, therefore, wanted to work with a team that would guarantee safety for his home. 


“The landscape is surrounded by a concrete wall,” said Joni Burkhart. “The pine tree was standing between the wall and the house. Therefore, allowing the tree to fall freely was not an option – on one side, the tree would have wrecked the house, while on the other, the tree would have damaged the concrete wall.” 

“When the family called Tree Service Experts Elk Grove to get a cost estimate,” said Joni, “everyone was curious to understand how the company’s Elk Grove tree removal team would handle the procedure. When the company sent a professional to analyze the pine tree and provide a cost estimate, the wife could not help but ask about the procedure.” 

“The professional noted that Tree Service Experts Elk Grove would bring a bucket truck and a crane to the worksite,” added Joni. “He added that the bucket truck would be used to hold the professionals on the tree as they cut it down foot by foot. He noted the crane would help bring down the pieces cut from the tree as the professionals moved downward from the tree crown.”

To see how Tree Service Elk Grove fixes damage that occurs during tree maintenance, read this story:

Tree Service Experts Elk Grove reportedly followed the procedure described by their cost estimate professional. Taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the pieces of wood landed in the right locations, the company brought down the pine without property damage. According to Joni, the company ground the tree stump and cleaned his landscape. 

“For all the work that the company did,” said Joni, “the team charged a very affordable price. Good service, exceeding the family’s expectations and ensuring maximum safety, Tree Service Experts Elk Grove is a company the family can use for all tree maintenance procedures in the future.” 

To understand how Tree Service Experts Elk Grove ensures maximum safety when handling complicated procedures, reporters contacted the company’s CEO.

“When trees are surrounded by important utilities, as was the case with Joni Burkhart’s pine tree,” said the company’s CEO, “there is usually no room for mistakes. Even the smallest mistake could drop a tree on the wrong side, leaving the homeowner with extensive damage that could cost thousands of dollars to fix. It is, for this reason, the company uses its crane when working with trees in risky positions. In cases where a tree cannot be allowed to fall in its full size due to lack of space, the tree removal team works with the Elk Grove tree pruning team to prune and cut down the tree foot by foot from the top.” 

Often labeled the best tree removal company in Elk Grove, Tree Service Experts Elk Grove has proven itself useful in more than one tree maintenance procedure. The company is known for improving the aesthetic appeal of landscapes with tree trimming. Handling stump removals, the company improves safety on landscapes with tripping hazards. Saving trees from pests and diseases in Elk Grove, Tree Service Experts Elk Grove has been helping homeowners avoid tree deaths. 

Tree Service Experts Elk Grove office is located at 9228 Earl Fife Dr, Elk Grove, CA 95624, United States. The company can also be reached via +1 916-931-3177 and [email protected]

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