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Trading Card Game Market Growth, Size, Analysis, Outlook by Trends, Growth Analysis and Forecast to 2030

NEW YORK, Sept 21, 2022 –The global Trading Card Games Market is presently valued at USD 6.46 billion and is projected to amplify with a CAGR of 7.80% over 2022-2030, amassing a valuation of UDD 11.78 billion by end of the assessment timeframe.

A trading card game refers to a kind of card game that amalgamates trading card features with strategic deck building.  It is also popularly known as collectible card and is made up of paper board encompassing illustrations of a location, person, toon character, or other such entities. Most of the trading card games are related with sports like baseball.

Growth propellants and restraints of this marketplace

The primary expansion determinants of this industry are advancements in trading card games, rising urbanization, and growing inclination of millennials towards old school games. Alongside, surging per capita income levels of the masses and increasing investments in the field are positively swaying the dynamics of this business sphere.

Furthermore, surge in millennial population and rising focus of manufacturers to develop simple card games with impressive illustrations and efficient mechanics are creating lucrative opportunities for the marketplace to prosper.

Also, the growing importance of enhancing one’s team spirit via traditional games and rising popularity of anime characters are adding momentum to the industry progression.

On the contrary, risks associated with addiction to trading card games is hindering the remuneration scope of this business vertical.

Moreover, the outrage of the COVID-19 pandemic adversely impacted the global trading card game market.  The supply chain disruptions and halt manufacturing activities driven by the travel bans and nationwide lockdowns decreased the production and sales of collectibles. This in turn impeded the overall industry development.

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Key Trends of Global Trading Card Game Market:

A Rise in the Millennials’ Disposable Income

Collectible card games have been around for a long time. However, the most considerable growth in the market is witnessed with millennials’ rise. The growing disposable income of the millennials is expected to increase the collectible card games demand during the forecast period. Since millennials grew up playing these games, they naturally have a stronger affinity towards these games. Millennials are more interested in unique goods, making the one-of-a-kind trading card more attractive. The rise in millennial spending and the fact that millennials outnumber baby boomers is expected to continue to propel the collectible card game market forward in the coming years.

Growing Investments in Collectible Card Games to Present Lucrative Opportunities;

The collectible card game market is ever-growing, and with the latest generation of cards, it’s been even easier to reach users. Collectible Card Games (CCGs) are a great investment opportunity for those who love art and cards. Some of the most popular CCGs today only cost a few dollars to get started.

Once hooked, one can spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on these games. The stakes keep getting higher, and the card designs are more intricate. Some of the most popular CCGs today include Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. Several users are investing their money into collectibles to have an asset that will help them in the future. People are trying to find new ways to invest their money to see a return.

Which is the fastest growing segment in the marketplace?

Based on device type

  • Digital
  • Physical

The digital segment is anticipated to garner significant returns over 2022-2030 owing to the rising proliferation of smart devices.

On the basis of game type

  • Online
  • Offline

The offline segment presently holds a substantial revenue share ascribing to the surging culture of gaming cafes across the globe.

By application

  • Mobile device games
  • PC games
  • Others

The mobile device games segment is slated to amass notable gains over the stipulated timeline due to the rising internet penetration.

Insights to the geographical terrain of the industry

North America, Middle East & Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific are the major regions constituting the geographical ambit of this business sphere. Among these, Asia Pacific is projected to amplify with a substantial CAGR over 2022-2030. This is credited to widespread economic developments and surging popularity of anime characters in the region.

Expounding the competitive gamut of the market

The prominent players operating in the competitive landscape of global trading card game market are Konami Holdings Corporation, The Upper Deck Company, Bushiroad, Rio Grande Games, Grand Prix International, Asmodee, Cartamundi, TCGplayer, Stonemaier Games, The Game Crafter, LLC, Czech Games Edition, Fantasy Flight Games, Riot Games, Shuffled Ink, The Ace Card, Delano Games, GameStop, Bandai, Bushiroad, Digimon Card Game, Fantasy Flight Games, Z-Man Games, Kyy Games, The Pokemon, Legend Story Studios, Blizzard, Steam Card Exchange, and Hartgraph Limited.

Notably, in October 2021, The Pokemon Company inked a strategic partnership deal with Universal Studios Japan to jointly develop trading game cards immersed with innovative technology.

Also, in June 2021, Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. entered into a business alliance with Bloober Team to enhance its product portfolio.

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