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Topia Launches Unique NFT Integration Bridging Real-Time Experiences and Web3

Los Angeles, CA ( Thursday Apr 21, 2022 @ 7:00 AM Pacific —

Topia, the social experience platform that utilizes spatial video chat within fully customizable worlds, unveiled new web3 integrations that provide NFT projects with a value-add utility layer where they can bring their community together inside gated real-time social experiences. The new features make Topia the only platform where NFT projects can empower their token holders to showcase verified NFTs inside of worlds & events gated by token ownership or that are publicly accessible.

Topia’s new features allow world admins to maintain a list of NFT contract addresses, where holders of tokens within those collections can:

  1. Access gated worlds — NFTs can serve as tickets to enter the Topia world

  2. Showcase their verified NFTs by placing them in a Topia world as interactable elements

Both of these mechanisms integrate seamlessly with decentralized blockchain technologies and visitors can enable their token privileges with a single button click in their profile. NFT gating and allowing visitors to showcase NFTs of multiple collections can be turned on by world admins going to ‘World Settings’, then ‘NFT Collections’, and adding an NFT Collection.

“We designed Topia’s architecture to be highly adaptable for applications just like this,” said Topia founder and CEO Daniel Liebeskind. “There is a growing international community of collectors who are searching for NFTs with meaningful use cases. These new features provide NFT projects with a web3 utility to engage their community through creative social experiences that use Topia’s decentralized peer-to-peer webRTC technology. We’re excited for these accessible spaces to provide a bridge between web3 enthusiasts and newcomers while empowering NFT projects to create value for their token holders.”

About Topia

Since launching in April of 2020, Topia has grown to see hundreds of user-hosted events every week. Topia’s scalable architecture can handle events ranging from a few friends to thousands of concurrent guests coming together. The free-to-use platform has co-hosted virtual Burning Man twice and attracted a diverse range of users from families, students, and schools, to companies, music and arts festivals, and Fortune 500 companies. Large companies and confluencers have been hiring agencies to build out branded Topia worlds for their employees and fans to foster creativity and collaboration.

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