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Tonga Boards LLC Offers Longboards Made From Recycled Ocean Plastic Waste

Youth-Led Start-up Business Helps Save Oceans With Its Top Quality Eco-Friendly Longboards.

At age 20, Cole Ramsey had a profound realization. Cole understood that the creation of the longboard is rooted in people’s love for the ocean. They were made to imitate the relaxing, free-flowing motion of the ocean waters so that people can experience the joy and exhilaration of surfing while on land.

The skateboarding genre has now grown into an industry accumulating tens of millions of dollars in revenue every year. The ocean, on the other hand, which inspired the product in the first place, is accumulating ten million pieces of plastic waste every year.

Determined to make a difference, he decided to launch Tonga Boards LLC. This new brand of longboards features products made almost entirely out of plastic collected from the ocean.

While recycled bracelets offer some help in cleaning the ocean by taking out a small amount of plastic, Tonga Boards’ longboards remove a more substantial quantity. Each recycled longboard expels more than 2.5 lbs of the ocean’s plastic pollution.

Tonga Boards products are also built considerably larger than the traditional plastic “Penny” boards, measuring twenty-seven inches long compared to the usual twenty-two inches. By making them longer, the company increases their boards’ rideability and simultaneously recycles more plastic per board.

To manufacture their eco-friendly longboards, Cole partners with ocean clean-up groups to acquire the plastic needed for production. With the exception of their choice of material, Tonga Boards possess the same functional features and price point as other leading brands of plastic-made longboards in the market.

Presently, Tonga Boards LLC utilizes recycled plastic for their longboards’ decks, but the company is working on further research and development to make their products 100% recycled.

Cole Ramsey’s visionary business concept has gained recognition both within the skateboarding community as well as from many environmentalists. Additionally, it has earned him a place in the top one hundred finalists in the coveted FedEx Small Business Grant Contest.

Tonga Boards longboards are available for purchase from the company’s online shop. The products are also sold in select local skate shops in Florida, Ohio, and Utah. Cole and his team are currently establishing partnerships with mainstream businesses who share the same advocacy in making a contribution to the global sustainability efforts.

The company’s Instagram Account, @tonga_boards, serves as its main marketing channel and has a growing number of followers.

More information about Tonga Boards LLC can be found on the company’s website

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Company Name: Tonga Boards
Contact Person: Cole Ramsey
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Phone: 2162804001
Country: United States

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