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Toiture Saint-Georges Explains When Residents Can do DIY Roofing Repairs or Need to Contact a Professional Roofer

Quebec, Canada-based Toiture Saint-Georges, a professional roofing company in Quebec, has served residents for decades with roof repairs and replacements. Mr. Robitaille explained to one of our reporters when customers can go the DIY route and when it’s best left to the pros. For more information about professional roofing, head over here to their official website

Robitaille said, “Everyone knows that the roof is a vital part of a household, and occasionally it needs repairs or maintenance. The roof is the most expensive part of the home, and homeowners want to save money. But when it comes to roofing repairs and maintenance, homeowners need to know when they can do DIY projects or call in a professional. Roofing repairs are dangerous and complicated, and some of the work needs a professional roofing company to tackle some jobs.”

He went on to say that when it comes to visually inspecting for roof damage or missing shingles, homeowners can go the DIY route. After a storm, customers can take some time to walk around the hoe to look for signs of damage. Property owners can use a pair of binoculars to look for spots on a roof instead of climbing onto a ladder to notice missing shingles or cracks. Other things to take note of are missing nails, granules, peeling flashing, and roof bolts.

The business owner mentioned that if property owners notice damaged or missing shingles, they should call the pros to replace them. Toiture Saint-Georges said that their roofers are trained and have the skills to repair roofs safely. However, the fact is that if there are missing shingles, there might be other problems needing checking and fixing. For example, people may not notice that other hardware on the roof needs tightening or that flashing needs repairs or replacing. A professional roofer can safely replace the shingles and check for other added problems as well.

The roofing company said, “Property owners can do a DIY check for roof leaks as it is present mainly inside the home. For example, homeowners can look for water stains on the ceiling or mushy patches on the walls with musty odors in the rooms. Finding water means there is evidence of a leak, but it does not mean it is the source of the leak. Water can travel from pipes or beams pooling and leaking from anywhere. Property owners that do find a sign of a leak should call a roofer to have an inspection done.”

Robitaille said that a professional roofer will inspect where the water leak originates, knowing where it needs to be fixed. He mentioned that the same applies to a roof replacement and is best left to the pros. Clients can determine what roof suits their needs with a roofer, making sure it is installed professionally. A new roof is a massive investment. Residents do not want to waste their money on DIY roofing replacements without a warranty attached. The same applies to roof inspections done annually, as the roofer will look for signs that homeowners may have missed or might not see visible from the ground.

The owner stated that regular roof inspections are crucial. Especially when residents need to claim at some point, the insurer will want to see that regular inspections have been done. Readers who wish to find out more about roof inspections or having a roof repaired can visit Toiture Saint-Georges companies website.


For more information about Toiture Saint-Georges, contact the company here:

Toiture Saint-Georges
Mr. Robitaille
[email protected]
1467 132e rue
G5Y 8N5

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