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Tiny Colony raises 5.7 million with new partnership on Fractal Marketplace

Tiny Colony is gaining substantial acclaim through an expert development team and partnership with Fractal Marketplace.

(PRUnderground) April 25th, 2022

Tiny Colony is a pixelated ecosystem of games, events, and experiences built on Solana that allows users to own their own in-game assets. It features the first-ever construction and management blockchain game and benefits from the backing of iLogos, the prominent developers of Angry Birds 2, and regular partners of Disney, Ubisoft, EA, Rovio, and DreamWorks. Gamers who enjoyed titles like Fallout Shelter, Oxygen Not Included, and Clash of Clans will love what Tiny Colony is developing!

The project is currently in full swing after striking partnerships with Fractal Marketplace, Twitch creator Justin Kan, and popular YouTuber iJustine. Furthermore, the game raised $2.7 million on its first NFT virtual land sale on Fractal on February 10th, 2022. Now, it is on the brink of a new NFT character mint out on April 28 again, on Fractal Marketplace.

The community can enjoy a Whitelist Access Token to take part in the upcoming mint by completing this Promotional Campaign which will provide a 25% discount off the mint price!

Character NFTs play a major role in the Tinyverse. They are unique to the various factions and offer different functionality and gameplay. Each character is developed with distinguishable abilities that range from fighting styles, weapon choices, upgradability, and many others. From proto-creatures to samurai and robots, the world of Tinyverse is rich with eclectic characters, and each faction has their own story and lore!

Character NFTs can defend your Colony, battle, breed, lend, be enhanced and traded on the market!

What is Tiny Colony?

Tiny Colony is a collection of games and experiences growing within a gaming metaverse, a.k.a. the Tinyverse, running on the Solana blockchain. It builds on the booming GameFi sector that has already seen successful projects like Axie Infinity or Decentraland, but it takes a unique approach to the blockchain gaming experience.

For example, Tiny Colony players can enjoy various game modes, including breeding, dynamic battles, and earning rewards in a new play-to-earn (P2E) model. More profit-oriented players can access the project’s developing DAO with full user governance, NFT staking, passive rewards, and trading options. Moreover, thanks to its Solana-based architecture, the Tinyverse should provide fast transactions, minuscule gas fees, and limitless scalability.

Currently, Tiny Colony is gaining substantial acclaim through its rare pixelated artwork and a rapidly-growing Discord community. The project’s energetic surge is due to its expert development team and a fertile $5.7 million cushion it raised through an IDO and its first NFT sale.

The project team has recently integrated Ernest Cheung, a successful EA Game Producer who has previously worked on household names like Mass Effect, FIFA, and Need for Speed. The team also includes a film producer, several screenwriters, award-winning artists, and blockchain experts.

Final Thoughts

The blockchain-based games sector is booming, with new and innovative projects surfacing every day. However, many seem to be just slightly modified copies of more successful games. Initiatives like Tiny Colony show that thinking outside the box is not only possible but also highly promising.

While the game is in ongoing development, it looks towards a highly eventful 2022. Players should mark June 30 in their calendars as the most probable date of early access to the game. Meanwhile, they can participate in the upcoming Tiny Colony Character NFT mint on April 28.

For more information about Tiny Colony, please follow the links below:

| Website | Twitter | Instagram |Discord| Trading on Fractal |

About Tiny Colony

Tiny Colony is a Pixelated ecosystem built on the Solana blockchain, encompassing various game modes, events, and experiences; including the first-ever Construction and Management Simulation Blockchain Game. Raised over $5.7mil in funding including largest mint, $2.7mil, on Fractal Marketplace (Justin Kahn – Twitch creator). Partnerships with iLogos (Angry Birds 2, Simpsons: Tapped Out) for full game development. Becoming the biggest Blockchain game on Solana.

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