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thrv, LLC Announces Executive Partner Program with the Appointment of Three Senior Partners

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 25, 2023 / thrv, LLC, a California-based platform for equity value creation through growth, has announced its new Executive Partner program. The company recently appointed three new Executive Partners (Manish Singh, Jonathan Pierson, and Matt Bjornson) to strengthen its senior leadership team. thrv provides private equity CEOs and corporate executives with an equity value creation platform based on proprietary Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) innovation methods popularized by Harvard Business School’s Clayton Christensen. All three Executive Partners have used thrv’s innovation platform to accelerate growth and create superior equity returns for companies and investors. thrv’s Executive Partners provide strategic guidance for CEOs and corporate executives to help their product, marketing, and sales teams adopt and execute JTBD methods to create equity value faster and with less risk.

thrv, Wednesday, January 25, 2023, Press release picture

Executive Partner Manish Singh partnered with thrv during his position as the Chief Operating Officer of Oversight, a private equity-backed company, where he had responsibility for the company’s product and go-to-market teams. With the thrv platform, Manish and his team drove significant improvements to the critical equity value metrics for Oversight. At another company, Manish has used JTBD and thrv’s platform to identify market opportunities for the CEO and the Board of Directors that resulted in substantial new investment behind the growth strategy.

Executive Partner Jonathan Pierson previously worked as the Chief Operating Officer for Sunquest Information Systems, and in this capacity, he was responsible for the firm’s product strategy. Jonathan has seen the struggles teams have when trying to align with unmet customers’ needs to create and execute successful growth strategies. He has worked closely with thrv and witnessed firsthand the success of thrv’s JTBD methods. He brings 30 years of experience across healthcare, retail, and finance markets. Jonathan has a proven track record for guiding and leading company and product strategy as well as driving growth programs for underperforming businesses through optimized product strategy and the achievement of operational excellence.

Executive Partner Matt Bjornson was appointed to lead Target’s registry team after it had experienced years of decline and intense competition from online retailer Amazon. Matt worked with thrv to use JTBD innovation methods to identify unmet customer needs and create a new growth strategy for Target’s registry team. Matt led the team to build new features that targeted unmet customer needs and took back market share from Amazon. The result was accelerated growth for Target’s registry business for the first time in eight years. As evidence of Matt’s success with thrv and its JTBD methods, Amazon started copying Target’s new features.

Commenting on the addition of the three Executive Partners, Jay Haynes, the founder and CEO of thrv, said, “We are extremely excited to have Manish, Jonathan and Matt join the thrv team. Their executive experience and expertise using the thrv platform and our JTBD methods will help the CEOs of private-equity portfolio companies and corporate executives accelerate their growth and create equity value faster and with less risk. The addition of these three outstanding executives to our team marks the beginning of our Executive Partner program. Our Executive Partners work hand in hand with CEOs, Board of Directors, and investors to align product, marketing and sales teams on unmet customer needs and execute growth strategies that create superior equity returns faster and with less risk.”


thrv was founded in 2013. thrv is an equity value creation platform that combines software, services and training based on Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) innovation methods. thrv’s platform focuses and aligns product, marketing and sales teams on unmet customer needs in order to generate improvements to the critical metrics that drive an increase in valuation multiples to create equity value faster and with less risk. The company’s customers include leading private equity firms and their portfolio companies and large corporations including Google, eBay, Twitter, Microsoft, Dropbox, Blue Shield, American Express, Oracle, Target, Lego and Comcast.

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